Cheap and Cheerful @ Gyoza Gyoza, Melbourne CBD, VIC

Salmon tataki salad

Last month, I was in Melbourne for a work conference and on the first night I was there, I had a hankering for Japanese. I found a few options around my hotel, but after some internet research, I decided to try Gyoza Gyoza as it was highly recommended by others. The menu at Gyoza Gyoza… 

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Simple Breakfasts @ Good Brother, Dickson, ACT


A and I have been to Good Brother in Downer more than a few times. Initially, we loved the coffee – they use Campos coffee beans and it was made well. However, in the last few months we’ve started to be disappointed by the coffee. This came to a head when I met my friend… 

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Charcoal Fire Pit @ Esq, Brisbane CBD, QLD

Esquire chocolate bar

Esq is the casual dining and bar that is attached to Esquire, located on Eagle Pier on the Brisbane River. While we were there for the 2014 Eat Drink Blog conference, Rachi suggested that we book a table for lunch. Knowing Rachi and her amazing research abilities – Giulia and I were both happy to… 

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Hotel Lobby Dining @ Monster Kitchen and Bar, New Acton, ACT

Hotel Hotel - pass

Monster has been at the top of my wishlist of places to visit in Canberra – mainly because I heard conflicting views (similar to what I heard about Eightysix before I fell in love with it myself!). The main points of discussion were that it was overpriced, featured terrible service but everyone agreed that the… 

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Visit Canberra’s Human Brochure VIP Weekend


Last weekend, I welcomed two guests to Canberra for the Human Brochure VIP Weekend. You might have noticed on my social media feeds that I’ve been tagging my Canberra activities with #humanbrochure – which automatically feeds into the Visit Canberra website (which you can view here). There were 101 ‘Humans’ who were selected to contribute… 

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Brunch @ Eightysix, Braddon, ACT

goat curd, pear, brioche and honeycomb

After the amazing dinner at Eightysix a few weeks ago, A and I headed back to try their brunch menu. Initially, brunch at Eightysix was organised for The Canberra Times Good Food Month, however they’ve since decided that it will now be an ongoing arrangement – an excellent outcome! As usual, Eightysix was completely full… 

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Relaxing Atmosphere @ Tilley’s, Lyneham, ACT

Vege Lot @ TIlley's

Tilley’s Devine Café Gallery in Lyneham is an institution of Canberra and has been in business since 1984. A and I have been here a few times, mainly for a drink or coffee within the lovely outdoor area but a few weeks ago, we decided to head there for a casual breakfast. Tilley’s features old… 

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Spit-Roasted Deliciousness @ Wood & Coal, Canberra CBD, ACT

snake beans with chilli, garlic, tom shrimp and hazelnut

When Wood & Coal first opened a few weeks ago, A and I were in the Canberra Centre and were immediately drawn to the establishment by the enticing aroma of spit-roasted meat. Unfortunately, we had just finished lunch elsewhere but we had both proclaimed that we needed to try it ASAP. Our time to try… 

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Weekend Highlight @ Aria, Brisbane CBD, QLD

Amuse bouche

On the Sunday evening that the 2014 Eat Drink Blog Conference concluded, Rachi, Libby and I dined at Aria in Brisbane. Aria’s been on my wishlist for a while and it would be an understatement to say I was excited to finally experience it. When we arrived, we were the first in the restaurant and we… 

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Canberra Highlight @ Eightysix, Braddon, ACT

Blackened chicken with buttermilk coleslaw

A and I had dinner with Erin from Mouthless Mutters a few weeks ago. Erin suggested we meet at Eightysix in Braddon, which had been on my wishlist since our arrival in Canberra. Thinking back on it, I think the reason why it’s taken A and I such a long time to visit Eightysix was… 

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