Weekday Value @ Gözleme Café, Civic, ACT

The display @ Gozleme Cafe

I’ve been hearing about the Gözleme Café in the city for a while now and have been meaning to try it. A and I love Gözleme, which is a traditional Turkish dish that features flat bread stuffed with a range of fillings and served with a lemon wedge. Gözleme Café have five fillings available, including… 

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Red Wine & Sensational Steak @ Steersons Steakhouse, Darling Harbour, NSW

petite (220g) rib-eye ($26.90) served with salad as well as the Surf n' Turf extra (roasted Australian tiger prawns and béarnaise sauce for an additional $9.90).

Every now and again, A and I crave a decent steak and a nice glass of red. We’ve yet to find somewhere in Canberra that serves excellent steaks (suggestions welcomed!), so A and I opted to visit a favourite of ours – Steersons Steakhouse in Darling Harbour. Steersons Steakhouse is located on King Street Wharf… 

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Favourite Fast Food @ Guzman Y Gomez, Canberra City, ACT


I’m a self-proclaimed foodie but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a quick, healthy, cheap but oh-so-tasty meal. For my birthday last year, I choose to have my birthday dinner at Guzman Y Gomez in Perth – just because I love this chain so much! Yes, it’s a chain that is a fast food vendor… 

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Wholesome Offerings @ Local Press, Kingston, ACT

Green Pea Pancake

I’ve been seeing some excellent photos of the food and décor of Local Press in Kingston for a while now and had been meaning to try it for weeks. On my week off between jobs, it was on the list of cafés I wanted to visit and luckily, A and I were able to visit… 

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Carnivores Only @ Chophouse, Sydney CBD, NSW


A and I made a quick decision to dine at Chophouse on a Saturday evening, after viewing the Urbanspoon positive rating of 90% for over 500 votes. We use this algorithm to choose eateries when we’re not sure where we want to go or what we feel like eating. I’m happy to say that Chophouse… 

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Gourmet Hot Dogs @ Broddogs, Belconnen, ACT

American Dog ($7), which came with your choice of dog (Vienna Frankfurt, Spicy Kransky or a Pork Free Dog), pickles, onions, corn relish, ketchup and mustard

Last week, I was lucky enough to have a week off in between jobs and on each day, I visited a café or eatery that has been on my list to try. On Thursday, I frequented Broddogs in Belconnen with Rachi, from Le Bon Vivant, after weeks of reading about it on social media feeds…. 

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Perfect Banh Mi @ Hong Ha, Mascot, NSW

Exterior hong ha

A and I have driven the straight road that connects Sydney and Canberra a few times now and I can confidently say it is always made better when we stock up on Banh Mi at Hong Ha in Mascot for our ride home. By the time we’re halfway between Sydney and Canberra, we’re both in need… 

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Vegan Wonderland @ Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe, Braddon, ACT

The banana bread

When A and I first arrived in Canberra, we were housed in an apartment within the New Acton precinct for three weeks. In this short time, we began acquainted (and obsessed) with Sweet Bones’s amazing banana bread (available at Mocan and Green Grout in New Acton). Since then, A and I have frequented Sweet Bones’s… 

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Our Trip to Malaysia (June 2014)


In June, A and I spent two weeks in Malaysia to visit A’s sister and family, who are currently living in KL. This was my first trip to Asia and I really enjoyed our time there. Even though this trip was primarily made to visit family, we aimed to try as many Malaysian specialities we could…. 

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Beer & Bikes @ Bentspoke Brewing Co., Braddon, ACT

Bentspoke Brewery Bar

I was lucky enough to see my friend David for the second time in a few months, as he returned to Canberra for two days due to work. David had learnt of Bentspoke Brewing Co. before he arrived and organised a group of his friends to meet there. Bentspoke Brewery is a microbrewery, bar and restaurant in… 

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