Spit-Roasted Deliciousness @ Wood & Coal, Canberra CBD, ACT

snake beans with chilli, garlic, tom shrimp and hazelnut

When Wood & Coal first opened a few weeks ago, A and I were in the Canberra Centre and were immediately drawn to the establishment by the enticing aroma of spit-roasted meat. Unfortunately, we had just finished lunch elsewhere but we had both proclaimed that we needed to try it ASAP. Our time to try… 

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Weekend Highlight @ Aria, Brisbane CBD, QLD

Amuse bouche

On the Sunday evening that the 2014 Eat Drink Blog Conference concluded, Rachi, Libby and I dined at Aria in Brisbane. Aria’s been on my wishlist for a while and it would be an understatement to say I was excited to finally experience it. When we arrived, we were the first in the restaurant and we… 

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Canberra Highlight @ Eightysix, Braddon, ACT

Blackened chicken with buttermilk coleslaw

A and I had dinner with Erin from Mouthless Mutters a few weeks ago. Erin suggested we meet at Eightysix in Braddon, which had been on my wishlist since our arrival in Canberra. Thinking back on it, I think the reason why it’s taken A and I such a long time to visit Eightysix was… 

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Fantastic Menu @ Mamasita, Melbourne CBD, VIC

Quesadilla de Huitlacoche

When A and I were in Perth, we were spoiled for excellent Mexican food options. Our favourites were El Compa and La Cholita and A and I would frequently head to either of these establishments for Mexican. Canberra, on the other hand, has very little Mexican options so when we headed to Melbourne a few… 

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Authentic Roti @ Roti House Restaurant, Canberra CBD, ACT

Nasi lemak with chicken curry

Changing jobs always has a lot of benefits – but in this transition, my favourite has been the array of restaurants and cafés around my new office. One of the highlights so far is that Roti House is not even a five minute walk away. Roti House states that they make the best roti and… 

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Modern Middle Eastern Fare @ Shouk Cafe, Paddington, QLD

Goats Milk Date Panna Cotta

Last week, myself and fellow bloggers Rachi and Giulia headed to Brisbane for the annual Eat Drink Blog conference. On the day we arrived in sunny Brisbane, we were all keen to head for a nice breakfast. We met up with Aga, another blogger, for coffee at John Mills Himself. Once we had gotten our… 

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Local Favourite @ Tu Do Vietnamese, O’Connor, ACT

special roast duck with egg noodle soup ($13)

I spent a Friday in Sydney for work a few weeks ago and when I arrived back in Canberra after a 12 hour return trip, I was tired and craving comfort food. My idea of ‘comfort food’ changes regularly – it could be ice-cream on one day and a big bowl of soup the other…. 

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Eat Drink Blog 2014, Brisbane, QLD

Double Chocolate

This year, the annual Eat Drink Blog (EDB) conference was held in Brisbane. I was lucky enough to snag a spot to the conference, and really enjoyed my weekend in Brisbane catching up with blogger friends and making new ones! EDB kicked off with welcome drinks at Kitty Bar, located within the Treasury Casino. The… 

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Indian Feast @ Jewel of India, Manuka, ACT

Array of curries

For some unknown reason, A and I hardly frequent Indian restaurants in Canberra however when we were in Perth, we’d regularly visit one of our many favourites. After smelling the amazing curry fragrances wafting from Jewel of India in Manuka during a few trips, we finally made it there for dinner. When we arrived, we… 

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Weekday Value @ Gözleme Café, Civic, ACT

The display @ Gozleme Cafe

I’ve been hearing about the Gözleme Café in the city for a while now and have been meaning to try it. A and I love Gözleme, which is a traditional Turkish dish that features flat bread stuffed with a range of fillings and served with a lemon wedge. Gözleme Café have five fillings available, including… 

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