A Beautiful Garden Setting @ City Farm Cafe, East Perth, W.A.

On the day before A and I headed to Sydney earlier this year (yes, I am that behind on my blog posts!), we made a special excursion to City Farm Cafe in East Perth. It was a beautiful Autumn day where the sun was shining – a perfect day to sit outside in City Farm Cafe’s beautiful garden.

City Farm Cafe is located within Perth City Farm, an urban community garden that “inspires people to create and support sustainable food systems that nourish communities and the environment”. Not only does it provide fresh produce to both the public and the cafe, Perth City Farm is an education and network centre that operates on permaculture principles. City Farm Cafe uses fresh ingredients from the farm (when available), as well as free range organic meat and eggs and award-winning Loafers organic breads. The majority of the ingredients used are organic and the cafe is run by solar power. All of these individual elements lead to a very sustainable establishment.

While we were entering the cafe, we ran into The Food Pornographer, who was having a late morning coffee. We had a chat for a little bit about our impending Sydney and Melbourne trip, including where to eat and what to see. It was one of the many lovely aspects of our visit.

City Farm Cafe uses organic Rubra coffee beans and the end result is a coffee that is quite strong (which I particularly enjoy). They also have the cutest little sugar containers I’ve seen in a while and I’m tempted to use the idea at home. They have recycled small San Pellegrino bottles into sugar cannisters.

To start with, A and I shared a Blueberry and Lemon muffin ($4). All muffins are baked daily with organic ingredients and produce when available. The muffin was really well made and there were lots of blueberries throughout it. The blueberries were also really juicy – definitely not frozen blueberries. The lemon flavour was subtle but added a little bit of zest to the muffin. We really enjoyed this breakfast-appetiser.

I ordered the bacon and egg panini, which came with free-range bacon, scrambled egg, caramelised onion, cheddar on an organic panini ($12). It was quite a nice breakfast panini, with lots of filling and an amble amount of the yummy caramelised onion. I found the bread a tiny bit too tough for my liking though, as it needed lots of pulling to come apart.

A had the free-range eggs, which can be cooked any way you like them and served with organic toast ($10). She also ordered a side of baby spinach ($4). She really enjoyed her dish and said that it tasted like a healthier version of scrambled eggs that had a minimal amount of butter used. She did mention though that the spinach could have had a bit more seasoning, however I guess that comes down to individual preference (although there was no option to add your own on the table).

It’s also good to note that the cafe is very child-friendly, with a lovely sandpit and well-stocked play area. There are also gluten free options available and a few very appealing breakfast items that I am looking forward to trying, including the Croque Monsieur and the soft boiled eggs with dukkah and buttered soliders (yum!).

I really enjoyed our breakfast at City Farm Cafe. The garden setting is really pretty, plus it’s interesting to have the sounds of the city but the location of a garden. On the morning we were there, there was a group of school kids helping out in the garden and it was very sweet to watch.

City Farm Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch on Monday to Friday, and breakfast only for Saturdays.

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    We have a similar cafe near our place. Everything’s organic and are grown / cooked / baked in the premises. Does this place also allow you to purchase and bring home their bread and dips?


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