A bit lacking… @ Viet Hoa, Northbridge, W.A.

I think it needs to be said – Viet Hoa is in need of a bit of a re-vamp. I used to come here frequently, especially in my student days, and even though I was younger and a bit tight with the dollar, I definitely remember that the food was better.

A and I went to Viet Hoa for a casual Wednesday night dinner. We weren’t looking for anything fancy, otherwise we would’ve gone elsewhere. Even so, we were both really disappointed by the quality of the food served to us.

Our first order of the evening was the entrees. We decided to go for the classic fried spring rolls and Vietnamese rice paper rolls with pork and prawn. The fried spring rolls were good, however the rice paper rolls were hard on the outside, and really rough to break apart. The filling didn’t taste fresh and all in all, was a huge let down.

For my main, I ordered my favourite dish – the combination laksa. Now, I know this isn’t typically Vietnamese but I have loved this dish for years and will continue to order it wherever I find it. Viet Hoa’s rendition was quite tasty and wasn’t overly disappointing. The rice however that I ordered as a side dish was dry and rubbery. It wasn’t fresh and was a sad version of fluffy, Asian rice.

My partner ordered one of the “specialities of the house” – the boneless roast duck stir-fried with snow peas. It’s understandable if there is a bit of fat on duck when you order it, however this dish consisted mostly of fat and its skin.  The meat ratio was quite behind what was on the plate in terms of fat. It wasn’t worthy of the $18.50 price tag and was quite basic in flavour. At the end of the night, I was quite disappointed with the food and its lack of fresh, quality ingredients.

The service has always been a bit lacking however you don’t really go here for the service or atmosphere. Ultimately, you venture to Viet Hoa for the cheap, yummy meals.

We didn’t get either. Will be a while before we return, as there are other lovely Vietnamese venues close by who take more of a concern into what they are providing customers.

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  1. WenY says


    I actually went there before when my sister pronounced it her new favourite (did not last long). I felt that the soup was too oily and the impression did not get any better :(! I really like Tra Vinh which is just nearby! I heard they are related too @@!

  2. Teilatan says

    Hey WenY,

    Thanks for your comment. I will definitely have to try out Tra Vinh next. Thanks for the suggestion!

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