A Hearty Lunch @ Café Pronto, Mandurah, W.A.

A and I were in Mandurah a few days over the Christmas break (yes, no surprises – I’m behind on my posts again!) for some R&R. When we’re in Mandurah, we often eat at Café Pronto and this trip was no exception.

Our lunch was chosen off the “Fast Track Lunch Menu”, which has a number of usual favourites on it – pasta, pizza, and burgers. When I am really hungry, I can’t make a decision on what I feel like eating and I usually ask A to help. She directed me to the Turkish BLT ($17.50), which sounded right up my alley. A chose the Salmon and Leek Tart ($14.50) for her own lunch.

To drink, I ordered a Chocolate Milkshake ($6.90), an indulgent treat for me. I’m the type of milkshake lover that prefers my milkshakes to be made with lots of ice cream – a trait that seems to be lacking in the majority of milkshakes I’ve sampled in Perth. However, I found the epitome of my perfect milkshake at Café Pronto – lots of ice cream and a reasonable amount of chocolate that gave it lots of flavour but it wasn’t overly sweet. At the end of our lunch, our waitress asked if I enjoyed my milkshake. I learnt that she takes a lot of pride in what she calls her “old school” milkshakes and she not only makes the chocolate syrup herself but believes the secret to a good milkshake is lots of ice cream. I highly recommend a try of a Café Pronto milkshake when you are next in Mandurah (and they have a take away option too!).

Our food arrived quickly (living to the menu’s name), and I was pleasantly surprised by the huge size of my Turkish BLT. The bacon was crunchy and there was a healthy amount of tomato and lettuce within the soft, warm turkish bread. The chunky chips on the side were a little under-seasoned for my liking but that was easily rectified with the salt dispenser on the table. It was a very hearty lunch and I had to opt to leave the BLT unfinished (but just had to finish the milkshake!).

Turkish BLT

A said that she really enjoyed her Salmon and Leek Tart, which was accompanied with a fresh garden salad on the side.

Salmon and Leek Tart

We often eat at Café Pronto when we are in Mandurah as we haven’t been disappointed by the food or service yet. The venue is also really comfortable and now that I’ve discovered their delicious milkshakes, we’ll definitely continue our patronage at Café Pronto. Their regular lunch and dinner menu also features lots of other options including wood-fired pizzas and a variety of seafood dishes if you prefer (plus they cater for gluten free).


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