A Tiny Treasure @ Little Willy’s, Northbridge, W.A.

Little Willy’s was one of the most surprising and delicious breakfasts I’ve had in a while. I’ve had an interesting run lately in regards to my dining experiences – lots of bad mixed with lots of good. A and I were very happy to be seeing David and Chris again (as mentioned in Standing Room Only and El Publico posts) and trying somewhere different. David and Chris are regular customers of Little Willy’s, stopping by before work for a coffee or a bacon bagel, and they suggested to meet there. I am so glad they did too, as I wouldn’t normally think of heading into Northbridge for breakfast, but that has all changed now.

We met on that stormy Sunday morning a few weeks back and we were all rugged up and ready for coffee and food. It was earlyish (for Sunday standards) but even so, Little Willy’s was busy. David and Chris had squeezed onto the edge of a table that was already occupied by someone as it was the only table available. Throughout the couple of hours we were there, Little Willy’s did not empty, and there was a continuous stream of customers. Little Willy’s is quite small in size, with only two booths and a handful of small tables.

We ordered coffee very quickly and I was pleased to note that Little Willy’s uses Fiori coffee beans. When the coffees arrived they were perfect – strong but smooth, milky but light. Perfect. I downed the first quickly and was already planning on ordering another (which is not a regular occurrence for me) before I had even finished the first. It’s hard to stay strong to your resolve when you find excellent coffee!

Looking at the breakfast menu, it’s quite simplistic and a lot of the dishes can double as lunch options as well. A smart idea for a small establishment such as Little Willy’s. Due to this minimalistic approach, I expected the food to be quite simplistic however on first taste it was anything but.

A’s scrambled eggs ($10) came out first and they looked great. I forgot to try them but A assures me they were yummy! She also mentioned what a bargain it was to find a decent sized serving of scrambled eggs for $10.

My bacon bagel ($9.50) was out next and it looked amazing. The bagel was lightly toasted and it was jam-packed with crispy bacon. It also featured a fried egg and tomato chutney – both were really well made as well. The egg was soft in the middle but wasn’t runny or messy. The chutney had chunks of tomato pieces within it, plus it wasn’t too sweet or dominating in flavour like some chutneys can be. It was an amazing and simplistic dish that I still think about after a few weeks!

A and I also ordered a piece of their Blueberry and Coconut Bread ($3) to share, as it sounded too appealing not to try. It arrived lightly toasted with a portion of butte on the side. There was a large amount of blueberries (my personal preference) and I really enjoyed the pairing of the two flavours. It was definitely another highlight.

David and Chris also ordered a bacon bagel to share, as well as Birscher Muesli with apple, rhubarb and yoghurt. The shredded apple looked really fresh and they both said that it was really enjoyable.

It was an excellent meal that was very reasonably priced and featured exceptional coffee. The service was also really good, with a smiling waitress who was kind enough to take our orders of coffee without heading to the counter, even though it’s counter service. The venue is cosy but comfortable and we were happy sitting there for a few hours. We didn’t feel rushed or obliged to move on or order another dish.

A huge recommendation from the four of us and I cannot wait to return for another bacon bagel and blueberry and coconut bread. Although in saying that, their breakfast burrito also sounds very appealing!

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*Every now and again I stumble across a Perth establishment that makes amazing coffee. When I do, I add it to my Coffee list and Little Willy’s has now been added.


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