Above-Standard Service @ Mrs. S, Maylands, WA

Mrs. S was a highly anticipated visit due to the large amount of hype affiliated with this restaurant.

First off, I was quite happy with the service provided. When we entered the restaurant, every table was full and there were at least three groups of people waiting for a table before us. We were greeted at the door and told that there would be a fifteen-minute wait to be seated. We were happy to wait, and before we even thought about it, menus were handed to us to look over while we waited. Other little things like water on the table without begging a waiter for it, as well as a constantly clear table made the service shine overall.

The breakfast menu is quite simplistic but all norms seem to be there. I decided on the big breakfast, namely due to the fact I wanted eggs with bacon and mushrooms (but that would’ve cost me $20, whereas the big breakfast with included all of that and sausages and baked beans was a mere $1 more). I think that $4 for one side is a bit excessive – especially that when I got my big breakfast there was a total of four mushrooms on the plate (which if that is the same serving as a side then that would’ve been $1 for one mushroom…)

The baked beans were really nicely made – definitely not pulled out of a can. The eggs were a little under seasoned for my liking, but overall they were cooked quite nicely.

The coffee was probably the standout for this trip. It was reasonably priced and was really strong, with the milk creamy and tasty.

Overall, Mrs. S was a winner for me. I think what saved it was the coffee and the communal table. In London, a friend told me that she believes the secret to all good, vibrant, successful restaurants is the use of communal tables. I’m slowly seeing what she means…

Will definitely be back and next trip, I’ll be sampling a few of those yummy looking cakes at the counter.

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  1. Nicholas Ee says

    Maybe it was one of those the days but i did not think the coffee at Mrs S compared to the coffee at Antz in Ya pantz in Vic park or the Roastery (with awesome cheesecakes and blueberry milkeshakes) at Canning Vale. The Imp at Vic park I feel also has superior coffee.

    • perthfoodjournal says

      The Imp always has great coffee – I am a huge fan and have been since they opened.

      I have yet to try Antz in your Pantz but it is on my to-do list!

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