‘Ace’ Offerings @ Ace Pizza, Highgate, W.A.

Before A and I moved to Canberra, we really wanted to visit Ace Pizza but unfortunately we left Perth without trying it. During our return to Perth over Christmas, A and I made it our goal to visit Ace Pizza and luckily our friends David and Chris were happy to meet there for dinner.

Ace Pizza

Ace Pizza is a casual eatery that focuses on ‘ace’ pizza and wood-fired items. The wine list is small but has an excellent selection and I spotted a Savarro by one of my favourite wineries in Australia, Soumah located within the Yarra Valley, and persuaded the table to order a bottle ($52). My persuasion was easily managed, thanks to our generous waitress providing a small sample to try. This is an excellent example of Ace Pizza’s fantastic service throughout the night. I also loved that all the wines are available by glass, half or full bottles.

For our food, we ordered a serving of deep-fried Mac and Cheese ($7) to share as an entrée. I had heard that these were spectacular and I’m happy to report that my high expectations were met – these two cubes were indulgent but delicious, with a crumbed coating and an intact mac and cheese interior. I have no idea how they managed to keep the mac and cheese intact after deep frying them but somehow they managed to do it, making the end result an assortment of textures and flavours from a typically simplistic favourite. I highly recommend trying these creations when you head to Ace Pizza.

deep-fried Mac and Cheese

We decided to order two pizzas as well as two wood-fired dishes. The Fungo Magico pizza ($19) that A and I ordered was fantastic and stayed close to the Italian notion for a perfect pizza – less is more – with the toppings consisting of only mushrooms, taleggio cheese and thyme. Ace Pizza cook their pizzas in a wood oven, leaving a slight char effect and due to the Italian influences used, the pizza is definitely close in flavour to the Italian counterparts.

Fungo Magico pizza

David and Chris loved their Pig Town pizza ($24), which featured pepperoni, pancetta, pecorino, onion, mozzarella and san marzano tomato.

Pig Town pizza

When we first saw the Radicchio, fregola and yoghurt salad ($16) on the menu, we were surprised by the $16 price but once it arrived, all trepidations disappeared as this dish is more than just an accompanying salad. The salad had an interesting flavour to it and was my first experience of fregola, a type of pasta from Sardinia that is similar to Israeli cous cous. It’s a great dish to share if you want another dish to mix flavours and textures to your meal of pizza and wood-fired meats.

Radicchio, fregola and yoghurt salad

The next dish that arrived was the Pork Ribs served with house spicy sauce and slaw ($18). These ribs were enjoyed by David and Chris, but were very spicy, making the coleslaw a welcomed accompaniment to offset the spiciness of the ribs.

A and I enjoyed the Beef Short Rib ($32) served with carrots and pancetta, which can easily be shared between a group. The meat was very tender and overall, the flavour was enjoyable but wasn’t notable.

Beef Short Rib

I had already eyed the Tiramisu donuts ($10) on the menu earlier in the evening, so I knew I’d be ordering dessert. Unfortunately, the tiramisu doughnut was a little disappointing, as the brioche bun tasted stale and it didn’t deliver the promised coffee-laden taste.

Tiramisu donuts

I was very envious of Chris and David, who ordered the Ace Soft Serve ($7), which looked like a marvellous creation – a paper cup of soft-serve ice cream served with smaller cups of crumbled house-made oreo-style biscuit bits, house-made honeycomb and two squeezy bottles of chocolate and salted caramel sauces. The ability to add as much or as little of the different toppings (specifically the salted caramel sauce) was definitely the winning factor of this dessert.

Ace Soft Serve

Ace Pizza is a highlight of the Perth dining scene – fantastic food in a casual environment, without the pretense or hefty price tag. The service throughout the evening was excellent, as our waitress was helpful and accommodating. Overall I was very impressed with Ace Pizza and can’t wait to return on my next visit. Oh, and a word of advice – make a booking.

Highly recommended.
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