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A and I were celebrating a special occasion on the Monday night we went to Divido. It was an added bonus that we stumbled across the Monday night special offered at Divido – a 3 course dinner with a glass of champagne for $65.00. A and I booked in advance, as we knew from previous experience that finding a restaurant to dine at on a Monday night is problematic. At the end of the night, we walked away from Divido with huge smiles on our faces and only a slightly lighter wallet.

When we arrived, a very friendly waitress greeted us pleasantly at the door. As friendly waitresses are an endangered species, I was quickly pleased with Divido. She remained our waitress for the whole night and was extremely helpful and friendly the entire evening.

As soon as we sat down, we were asked if we were ready for drinks, given menus and told the specials for the evening. I was hooked by the fact that the service was the way I would do it, and it made it so much easier than trying to bait a waitress to do these three things sometime in the night. Our waitress told us that the chef was offering truffles (due to the season) and suggested a few dishes that the truffles would match. I decided to take her advice (and the chef’s) and sample the truffles with the wood-roasted mushroom entrée (which was a $15.00 extra for the truffles itself).

The chef didn’t lie; the truffles were really good with the mushrooms. He also hadn’t been tight with the truffles, as I was pleasantly surprised to find chunks of truffles in my dish, not just a few shavings. The mushroom entrée would have been great regardless of the truffles though, as the hazelnut dressing went so well with the rest of the dish (the farro salad, taleggio and the wood-roasted mushrooms).

A had the ravioli with osso bucca, tomato, sofrito and pecorino for her entrée. I have a strong love of ravioli so it was only natural that I tried some of this dish and it was great. Looking back on it I wished I got this dish as my main.

While the waitress was telling us the ingredients, I was shocked to find that she didn’t pause when we asked what certain things were on the menu – she knew it well. I was curious to know how she knew, to which she replied that they have tastings very often with the chefs so the waitresses know their dishes to sell it correctly. During my past experiences working in some lovely restaurants around Perth, we had to do this as well. The last restaurant I worked at did tastings every sitting so we would know the specials of the day and what came with it. This experience is so beneficial to the staff members and it really pays off, as patrons love it when their waitress is excited by the food they are presenting to you. Well, A and I loved it anyway.


For the mains, I chose the tagliatelle with braised Amelia Park lamb, artichoke, marsala and pecorino. I enjoyed this dish but it wasn’t a standout in comparison to the entrées. The lamb was extremely tender but I couldn’t taste much of the artichoke or marsala, which I think was the main reason why I was disappointed. A ordered the fish of the day and she was the same – the mains were a bit of an understatement, but that could be because we both enjoyed our entrées so much! Still, it was decent Italian food and quite reasonable for Perth standards.

Fish of the Day

I was extremely excited by the prospect of dessert. The first reason was because I had read about the Croatian doughnuts and had known that this would be my first option and secondly, because they have a great dessert wine list. I was tempted by either ordering a glass of the Penfolds Grandfather port or the 2008 Joseph ‘La Magia’ Botrytis Riesling – the riesling won but only because of the dessert we chose.

A and I decided to share dessert. A ordered the Croatian doughnuts whereas I ordered the mascarpone cheesecake with pear and grape sorbet and almond biscotti. When they both came to the table I was extremely excited. Both dishes looked amazing and the taste of both of them was the same! The cheesecake really was incredible – the almond biscotti and pear and grape sorbet on the top was so tasty. I sat enchanted by this cheesecake and although I was quite full, I would of devoured another if I had the opportunity. The Croatian doughnuts were really great as well and overall, dessert was a complete hit.

This dinner made us both very happy in numerous ways. The fabulous entrées and desserts were the standout, but the attentive, knowledgeable service was also a hit. The price for what you get is incredible and this offer should definitely be considered by all. The glass of champagne was reasonable as well, and although the mains weren’t our favourites, it could’ve been due to the expectations after the fabulous entrées. Both A and I will be back and already know our orders!

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