Amazing Breakfast @ Cantina 663, Mount Lawley, W.A.

Before Christmas, A and I organised breakfast with Miss Egg from Perth Food Engineers. Miss Egg was happy for me to choose the restaurant and I suggested Cantina 663, mainly due to the continuous praise I hear about their breakfasts. Miss Egg was happy to head there too, as she had yet to try Cantina 663.

We ordered coffees ($3.80 each) to start with. Cantina 663 uses Fiori coffee beans and we all mentioned how expertly made our coffees were. The coffees were strong but not bitter and the milk was creamy. I ended up ordering a second, which is a rarity for me! (Due to the amazing coffees, Cantina 663 has now been added to my coffee list).

Coffee @ Cantina

For my breakfast, I ordered the Ham Hock Croquettes ($20), which came with scrambled eggs, house branston pickle and shallot salad. I have to say it was a hard decision to make as there was some many menu options that looked delicious. I’m glad I picked the croquettes though as they were perfect! Lightly brown, crisp on the outside croquettes served with creamy scrambled eggs and a sweet pickle on the side which was a perfect accompaniment. I highly recommend indulging in this decadent breakfast, as the flavour combinations were perfect!

Ham Hock Croquettes

A ordered the Seasonal Fruit Salad, served with yoghurt, mint and oat crunch ($13) as well as a piece of banana bread with vanilla butter ($6.50). She mentioned that both were perfectly made, but she mainly raved about the banana bread. Real chunks of banana was evident, plus the vanilla-flavoured butter was a perfect match with the banana bread.

seasonal fruit salad, yoghurt, mint and oat crunch

banana bread






Miss Egg ordered the Free Range Scrambled Eggs ($13.90) with a side of mushrooms ($4), which were served on buttered toast. Miss Egg said that her scrambled eggs were delicious and that overall she was very impressed with her breakfast and coffee at Cantina 663.

scrambled eggs

Everything on this visit was excellent – from the service to the food to the coffee. A and I can’t wait to return and agree whole-heartedly with the general consensus of Cantina 663’s breakfasts. I also loved that the breakfast menu features an espresso martini and a Mediterranean Bloody Mary for those days when you need a bit more of a pick-me-up!

Highly recommended.

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