Amazing Coffee @ Crumpet, East Victoria Park, WA

Note: Crumpet is now under new management and no longer features home-made crumpets. This review was written before new management took over the establishment.

I’ve been hearing about this cafe from various sources so my partner and I finally went to check it out. Thankfully we went on a weekday so seating wasn’t an issue, as I’m not too sure how the six tables inside host all their patrons on the weekend. My partner ordered the original crumpets, however after ordering and paying for them, a waitress told her that they didn’t have any for the day. We were both a little disappointed, due to the fact they are named “crumpet”. Thankfully, the banana bread ordered in its place made up for it.

The banana bread, which was full of yummy walnuts, was very tasty, however the coffee that came with it stole the show. The barista they have there really understands coffee. The milk was frothy and creamy, while the coffee itself was so smooth. There was no hint of the coffee being bitter, however it was definitely strong in nature. I think it must be the best coffee I’ve had in Perth! Very, very good.

My partner ordered a poached egg with a side of mushrooms. The egg was really well cooked, however the standout on this dish was the mushrooms. No idea why they were so tasty but definitely a must have if you fancy tasty mushrooms! I had the breakfast roll, which came with bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, and spinach on a toasted turkish bun. I found this really good value however it wasn’t as good as I expected from so much hype.

There are a few other grievances that account to my standard view on Crumpet. Firstly, I didn’t expect such a wait for the food on a weekday. The coffee came within the first five minutes (thank god, or we might have started climbing the walls) however the food came after half an hour. A bit too long to wait for me. Secondly, there is no atmosphere in the venue. It doesn’t feel like a cafe or anywhere that would serve you astounding coffee. It actually feels like it should be an old school deli that serves fish and chips, chiko rolls and the like. The place was noisy, even with just three tables occupied. I may be picky but I do prefer somewhere with a bit more atmosphere and less flies hanging around.

Overall, I’m not too sure if I’d venture here again. I definitely liked the food and coffee, but there’s a few things that don’t make me rave about it. For one, its a bit of a drive from our house to go regularly, and to be honest, if I was going to invest the time, I would go to The Imp up the road.

However in saying that – I may be inclined to go for a try of the crumpets and a coffee in the near future. Maybe a second visit will clarify whether I rate it or hate it.

Best bit – The coffee.

Worst bit – The bad, stale atmosphere.

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