Amazing Desserts @ Amphoras Bar, West Perth, W.A.

A few days before I flew out to Sydney, B and I organised to have dinner. It was her choice to decide the restaurant and I’m glad she did, as I hadn’t heard of Amphoras Bar previously. When we arrived, we were excited to see each other and didn’t look at the menu for at least 20 minutes after arriving. The waitstaff were patient with us and we didn’t feel rushed all evening. We eventually managed to look at the wine menu and decide on our wine for the evening. The wine list is really extensive and showcases local, national and international wines. There are also cocktails available (which are reasonably priced between $14 and $17) and Amphoras also has a selection of international and local beers. I decided to order a glass of the 2009 Torzi Matthews ‘Vigna Cantina’ Sangiovese ($10) and B ordered a glass of the NV Covides Cava duc de Foix Brut Nature from Spain ($10). B really liked this glass of Spanish sparkling and I loved the Sangiovese that I ordered.

We planned to order the Croquettes of the Day however we were told that they had ran out, which was a little disappointing. Instead we ended up ordering three dishes to start with – Crispy Pink Pepper Baby Calamari with Aioli ($15), Margaret River Waygu Meat Balls with Porcini Mushroom Jus ($20) and Pedro Ximenez-Glazed Rosa’s Chorizo with Corn Bread ($15).

The first dish to arrive was the Pedro Ximenez-Glazed Rosa’s Chorizo with Corn Bread. The chorizo was really good – it was lightly fried and glazed with Pedro Ximenez, which made it sweet and was a perfect accompaniment to the strong tasting chorizo. The cornbread was quite dull in comparison, but I guess it was just there as a side. Regardless, B and I were happy with this choice and finished the plate off rather quickly.

Our next dish was the Margaret River Meat Balls with Porcini Mushroom Jus. There were five large meat balls in the serving, which lay on a bed of Jus. The flavour was really nice but I would have wanted something on the side of this dish. Maybe some sort of carbohydrate to mop up the very moreish Porcini Mushroom Jus, which seemed wasted after the meatballs were finished. B and I were a little disappointed with this dish, as we expected a little more from a small tapas plate that cost $20.

The Crispy Pink Pepper Baby Calamari with Aioli arrived next and unfortunately they were a little bit overcooked and were also extremely salty. It took B and I a long time to finish this dish and I think it’s why we weren’t too hungry afterwards.

I think another reason why we felt full after only three small tapas plates was because the dishes were largely spread-out over 45 minutes (at least) after ordering. Don’t get me wrong, B and I didn’t mind it at all, as we were happy sipping our vino and having a chat however by the time we finished the calamari, we were ready for dessert.

On arrival, B and I quickly decided we’d be having dessert, as we both saw dishes that sounded appealing even before we had ordered our mains. B ordered the Chocolate Brulée Tart with Popping Candy, Berry Compote and Peanut Butter Ice Cream ($14) and I ordered the Dessert Tapas Plate, which came with a small sample of desserts, including Churros, Chocolate Brulée Tart, Passionfruit and Lime Meringue, and Berry Crème Catalan ($14).

We also decided to order dessert wine instead of another glass of sparkling or red. B and I are a little bit in love with dessert and fortified wines, and will often finish our evening out with a glass of port. There were only two dessert wines available by the glass and we asked our waitress if she would be able to tell as a little bit about the two wines and how they were different. She said that she wasn’t quite sure but offered a sample of each. After sampling both of them, we decided to order two glasses of the NV Seppeltsfield ‘Grand’ Rutherglen Tokay ($10), which tasted like alcoholic honey (yum!).

Our dessert didn’t take long to arrive and it was definitely the highlight of our evening. B’s Chocolate Brulée Tart with Popping Candy, Berry Compote and Peanut Butter Ice Cream was amazing! The popping candy was so fresh and exciting, plus the actual Chocolate Brulée Tart was a lovely rich chocolate that wasn’t too sweet. The berry compote was also made really well – it was thick and full of flavour and bits of berry. The other highlight of the dish was the peanut butter ice cream which was light in peanut flavour but was a great accompaniment to the chocolate. A standout dessert in my memory and I have to say that I have yet to have another dessert that is comparable in Perth.

My Dessert Tapas Plate provided a small sample of their three delicious desserts, including Churros with a warm dark chocolate sauce with an orange infused anglaise, the Chocolate Brulée Tart mentioned above, a Berry Crème Catalan with almond and cranberry biscotti and also included a Passionfruit & Lime Meringue ($14). Each element was really good, however nothing compared to the Chocolate Brulée Tart!

We really enjoyed our night here regardless of the average tapas plates at the beginning of the meal. The winning factors were the lovely, relaxed but efficient service and the amazing Chocolate Brulée Tart. Like I mentioned before, B and I were there for a few hours and we didn’t feel like we were rushed or that we needed to order new dishes to stay.  The venue is also really comfortable in itself and I would recommend a visit for a small amount of tapas plates, a few beverages and dessert is a must have!

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