Amazing Organic & Sustainable Food @ Source Foods, Highgate, W.A.

Source Foods in Northbridge has been a long-time favourite of mine. During my uni days, a friend and I used to meet regularly at Source on Fridays and have an “O” burger and then head over to the Brisbane across the road for some sunshine and G&Ts. It really was a perfect Friday afternoon.

Now that I work full-time, it’s a bit of a rare occasion when I get to have my beloved “O” burger. I’ve taken A to Source for breakfast and coffee a few times, but she was yet to try a Source burger. Last week she stopped in for a coffee and noticed they were now doing Burger Nights on Fridays and Saturdays. A and I were keen to go so decided Friday night was the perfect occasion.

I think A particularly liked the aspect of Source Foods using only sustainable, organic produce. Source relies on local produce for its meat, veggies and (fair-trade) coffee beans and the food overall is quite healthy. There are so many options for those who are health conscious or have food allergies, which is a great aspect of Source. Also, there’s a great number of options for vegan and vegetarian diners (which is hard to find in Perth).

Source’s interior hasn’t changed in the years but I love the familiarity to it. The burger options are expanded on the Burger Nights and there is a large number of burger options. A few examples are the classic “O” burger, the “OMG O” burger, the El Scorcho burger, the “OO Roo” burger, and the Roo In The Pines burger. Due to A’s new experience and my love of the classic “O” burger, we ordered similarly. A new addition to Source since my last burger was the option of ordering a bowl of shoestring fries. A lovely addition and Source even offers you three different seasoning options – tangy Texan, mushroom nori or rustic rosemary salt seasoning. We chose the tangy Texan.

The burgers also come with numerous options for you to add to your burger. Pretty much anything can be added, including egg, feta, hommus and pineapple. There’s no liquor license at Source however I do recommend having a Blueberry Ti-Tonic Iced Tea. Ti-Tonic Iced Teas are hard to find in Perth and really are worth a try. It’s an New Zealand company and further information on the brand can be found here.

When the burgers arrived, I was delighted to see they still looked the same. They are still super high and fresh salad seems to ooze out of the sides. I particularly love the bread. It is lovely white, soft, organic bread that Source manages to toast and butter in a way that makes my mouth salivate just by writing about it. The meat pattie tastes like real meat and is quite large in size. The “O” burger comes with organic Danderagan beef patties with roasted beetroot, carrot, tomato, local lettuce, fried onion, Source mayo (yum), and tomato relish. All this for a bargain $12.00.

The shoestring fries were a huge serving for $5.50. A and I happily ate to our hearts content and there were still some left over. The seasoning wasn’t overpowering and the fries were fresh when they arrived at the table.

The service for the night was great. The waitress was extremely accommodating, helpful and friendly and the atmosphere was lovely, as always.

If you aren’t interested in burgers, Source is also open for breakfast and lunch.

If I haven’t managed to win you over already, I don’t know what else to say that could entice you. The staff are super friendly and the place has a lovely relaxed vibe. The food is great quality and is a bargain price for the organic, sustainable food you get. The coffee is of an excellent standard and you’ll be struggling to criticise Source after visiting.

Highly recommended.

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