An Inexpensive & Tasty Brunch @ Ingredient Tree, Wembley, W.A.

After the amazing breakfast bagel I had at Little Willy’s a few months back, I’ve been craving another.  On one particular Saturday a few weeks ago, I was waiting for A to return from her cycling adventures and was trying to search online for somewhere new to try for brunch that was close by and also featured a bagel on their menu. It was hard to find somewhere online that met that description, so we instead headed to the Ingredient Tree in Wembley, as we’ve been meaning to try it for months and say so every time we drive by it (which is at least every week!).

When we walked in, I was immediately taken by the quaint interior. Ingredient Tree is very small and cosy but is really well organised. There are little tables for two on one side of the venue, whereas the other side has a few aisles of goods. There’s a counter at the far back centre of the venue and the kitchen is behind it. At the display area of the counter, there were little criossants and macarons, which all looked really good.

The menu has some excellent all-day breakfast options, including the Blueberry Bagel with Creme Fraiche, Honey and Pistachios as well as the Breakfast Bagel (a plain bagel with cheese, bacon, fried egg and relish). I ordered a Pain au Chocolat (chocolate croissant) ($4.50) to start with as well as a breakfast bagel ($9). A ordered Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Relish ($9) with a side of avocado ($3.50). We also ordered two coffees.

Our coffees were the first to arrive and I was pleasantly surprised that they use Genovese Coffee beans, which are very popular in Melbourne and Canberra. Genovese tries to “resemble the true italian style coffee” and the beans are strong in flavour. The barista made two excellent coffees that were both strong but very smooth in taste.

Our food came out fairly quickly and I was definitely pleased with the breakfast bagel. The bagel was fresh and everything on the bagel was cooked really well. I liked how the relish was on the side so I was able to add as much (or as little) as I preferred. I was slightly disappointed that my bagel wasn’t toasted a bit longer to make it a bit crunchy but that’s a personal preference.

A enjoyed her scrambled eggs with avocado. She thought that the serving size was smaller than usual but she preferred it, as it tasted like a healthier version of scrambled eggs with less butter and cream added to it. The avocado and bread were excellent quality and she said that she would definitely order it again.

My croissant arrived at the same time as the bagel. Unfortunately, it seemed to be heated for too long (which wasn’t requested) and it made the pastry steaming hot and the flakiness of the pastry became non-existent. It was hard to tear apart and the chocolate filling had changed taste. I didn’t particularly enjoy it.

After our inexpensive brunch of $34, A and I wandered around the store to look at the produce on offer. There’s an excellent array of chocolates, stocks, rice, flours, cheeses and pates with a focus on local produce.

Apart from the all day breakfast menu, there is also a lunch menu that features fancy sounding salads and an “open croque monsieur” that I will definitely be returning to try! Ingredient Tree offers simple, tasty food which is made with quality ingredients. A’s returned since this breakfast to pick up take away coffees (which were excellent!) and I definitely see myself returning again soon for another leisurely brunch.

I definitely recommend a visit if you enjoy simplistic, inexpensive and tasty food.

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