Bad Management @ Cranked, Leederville, WA

My girlfriend and I went to Cranked for Breakfast on a Friday morning. We had been there previously and ordered our coffees in “mugs” and our coffees would be bought out in large latte glasses (even though I was ordering a cappuccino. I’m not complaining as it means a decent size coffee).

This one morning, we both used the same terminology with the waiter and said our coffee orders with “in a mug” at the end. We waited for quite a while and finally our coffees came out. Her flat white had come out in the bigger latte glass, however my cap came in the ordinary size. When I asked why, the waiter told me (rudely and impatiently) that they did not do “mugs”. I explained that we had been there previously and asked for mugs and it wasn’t an issue previously. I then outlined that we had both used the same terminology of “mug” and for one patron it wasn’t an issue, however for the other, it was. She didn’t respond anything but “we don’t do mugs”, leading me to ask for her to get me a new coffee in the “latte glass” (correct terminology is key, or so I was told).

The manager, who was on the coffee machine, decided to do my coffee after 20 minutes (no exaggeration here) and my coffee was not returned to me until after my food was half eaten. This, I believe, is not good service. If a customer complains about a particular issue, especially something as little as needing the coffee to be bigger, then bring the item out promptly with an apology. Instead, there was no apology issued by the waiter at all.

When my girlfriend’s food came out, the eggs were on the toast (which made the toast completely soggy) and the bacon was badly burnt. We complained specifically about the bacon, and the bacon was taken back. At the next table over, the lady seated there also complained about her bacon. My girlfriend’s plate was returned to her within 2 minutes, however the plate at the table next to us had a completely new meal delivered to her including fresh bacon in less than 10 minutes.

After eating the shameful excuse for breakfast that was worth $20 each, we decided to pay the $45 bill. As we were at the till, the manager (the lady behind the coffee machine) was not being polite. At this point I said that we were quite disappointed with our breakfast and the service provided and we would not be returning. She then said to us, “Good, we don’t like your attitude” (!)

Shocked, I asked her if she was the manager, to which she replied yes. I then said something along the lines of – “Does the owner know what you are saying to his customers?” She then started to say “thank you” and walked away from us. Due to the appalling behaviour of the manager of this restaurant, I asked to speak to the owner and to have his name. She then said that she would not give me his name. The waitress that was serving us was trying to get a word in, however this manager was cutting the waiter, my girlfriend and I from speaking with her any further.

Due to Rider’s Choice (the bike shop) being next door, I knew that they owned this cafe. I then went from this appalling conversation with the manager, to the bike shop next door to find the owner of the cafe.

I found one of the owners, who I discussed our experience at his cafe. He seemed in shock, and was quite apologetic about our experience. He also took my number and said that he’ll be speaking to the manager about her attitude. To this day I have not heard from him, which makes me wonder if he actually did anything about his manager and the service provided to his patrons.

If the manager doesn’t like to deal with customer complaints, then she shouldn’t be a manager. As the manager of a certain venue, she is in a situation where she needs to diffuse situations and complaints in order to provide her café with a continuing flow of patrons and happy clientele. Instead, she managed to insult her customers by saying to them that it was their fault/issue and their “attitude” that was appalling, without doing anything to salvage their patronage after the unfortunate experience.

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  1. says

    wow. what crappy service!! My bacon was overcooked today as well… they just must have loads of it on the grill and keep it hot for when they need it. Average. I’ve never been impressed by them, and am never really in a hurry to go there, even less so now!

    • perthfoodjournal says

      Thanks for your comment, Jacqui! Yes, it was an awful experience and we have not returned since. Not too sure why Cranked is so popular. Before this experience I went many times and never had good food or good service!

      There are so many other great places in Leedy for breakfast so there’s no real reason to return!

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