Bakery Delight @ Mary Street Bakery, Highgate, W.A.

During the two weeks I was back in Perth, I tried to visit my favourite Perth places and a few of the new venues that I’ve been hearing a lot about. One of those venues was Mary Street Bakery in Highgate, which I’ve seen lots of posts about on social media. My friend Ashlee and I decided to meet there for lunch on New Years Eve day to catch up.

We were lucky enough to arrive just in time to snag the last available table. Even though Mary Street Bakery was completely full, our coffees arrived quite quickly after ordering them. I had heard that Mary Street Bakery made excellent coffee and I completely agree – my cappuccino arrived at the perfect temperature, the milk was fluffy and there was a distinctive taste to the coffee beans. I really enjoyed it but it would have been made better if I was able to pair it with an escargot ($3.50) but unfortunately they had sold out of pastries.  

my cappuccino @ Mary Street Bakery

Even though we had met for lunch, we both ordered breakfast items. I ordered Free range boiled eggs, buttered soldiers, tomato chipotle chutney ($11), which was my first experience of ‘eggs and soldiers’. I loved the presentation, but as I’m hopeless at peeling the shells off eggs it took me a little while to start eating. The eggs were quite soft so I enjoyed my breakfast with the buttered soldiers and dipping them within the egg yolk but I’m glad that there was the tomato chipotle chutney to add some flavour to the dish.

Free range boiled eggs, buttered soldiers, tomato chipotle chutney ($11),

Ashlee ordered the breakfast item of Corn fritters, piperade and a slow cooked egg ($18). The corn fritters were really lovely – golden brown and crisp on the outside, with the corn kernels maintaining their texture and juiciness however we both noted that they were a little salty. The slow cooked egg had a runny yolk and the combination of flavours between the corn, egg and piperade (a typical Basque side-dish prepared with onion, green peppers, and tomatoes sautéed) was perfect. I had serious food envy over this dish!

Corn fritters, piperade and a slow cooked egg ($18).

I liked that the menu have an interesting take on breakfast classics, including the cured salmon bagel with cream cheese and pickled celery ($14) as well as the ‘pork in blanket’ with bacon, gravy and fried egg ($20). At the counter you can also find pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, salads, cakes and pastries. Mary Street Bakery is also licensed and serves bloody mary’s, a small selection of wines and a golden ale. Seeing as though Ashlee and I met for lunch on New Years Eve day, there were a few tables nearby who were enjoying a bottle of sparkling with their lunch.

The service throughout our lunch was really friendly. Even when Ashlee and I approached the bar to pay our bill, the guy behind the counter was lively and chatty. While I was in Perth, I noticed that the service wasn’t overly friendly in the places we went to and it was a nice change to have a smile and small chit chat. However, it’s interesting to see that other diners on Urbanspoon didn’t have the same experience with the service – which is disappointing to say the least as service is so important.

Overall, we both really enjoyed our experience and will return.

Highly recommended.
Mary Street Bakery on Urbanspoon

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