Balinese Favourites @ Sanur’s Restaurant, Belconnen, ACT

A and I have fallen in love with the food at Sanur’s since arriving in Canberra, with our visit count at around 5 within a 4 month period. After reading the amazing reviews on Urbanspoon, we decided to try it soon after arriving in Canberra and we’ve been regular visitors since then.

Sanur’s is located on Emu Bank in Belconnen and has been open since 2007. The menu consists of Balinese specialties, and differs from the Javanese food found mostly in Perth. Sanur’s self-declared specialties include gado gado, beef rendang and cumi goreng tepung (crispy battered calamari served with hot sweet chili sauce).

A and I have stuck mainly to the rice dishes, which feature a selection of Balinese favourites served with rice. My favourite is the Nasi Goreng Sanur ($18.90), featuring special Indonesian fried rice with fried chicken, beef satay, fried egg, acar, tomato and prawn crackers.

Nasi Goreng Sanur

A’s favourite is the Nasi Rames Ayam ($16.90) – Indonesian style of steamed rice with your choice of fried or grilled Sanur’s chicken served with gado gado, rending egg, sambal and crispy shallots.

Nasi Rames Ayam

We’ve tried a few other items on the menu during our visits and have not once faulted the food. The food is not the only highlight at Sanur’s, as we love the casual vibe of the restaurant, the friendly service and the fact that Sanur’s is fully licenced. For those who only eat halal, you’ll be happy to know that Sanur’s only serves halal meats. I recommend booking a table, as the small restaurant can get quite busy.

Highly recommended.
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