Beachside Brunch @ Voyage Kitchen, Sorrento, W.A.

Some weekends, I wake up with boundless amount of energy and motivation to get errands done. I’ll find myself going from one place to the next, ticking things off my invisible checklist and making myself exhausted by the end of the afternoon. Other weekends, I barely move from the kitchen or bed, making a lazy breakfast after a lazy lie-in while A goes about doing what she needs to do (normally lots of exercise!). On a recent Sunday, A returned home from swimming and enticed me to head outdoors with a leisurely coastal drive and a late breakfast. I can’t resist food related adventures (which she knows full well) and before long, we were on the road to Voyage Kitchen in Sorrento.

I’ve been meaning to head to Voyage Kitchen for a while now, as one of my previous colleagues whole-heartily recommended it to me, saying that the food and coffee was the best she’s had in Perth. Another great aspect of Voyage Kitchen is its location, as it overlooks Sorrento beach and is perfect for an after brunch stroll on the beach.

It was very busy when we arrived and there was a wait for a table. We put our names down at the door (with the very friendly host who did a great job organising the large amount of people who were waiting for a table) and headed over to the takeaway window. A eyed the Apricot, Apple and Cinnamon Muffins ($5) and ordered one as an entree to our breakfast, as well as our usual coffee order. We sat down on the little seats provided and began our wait of twenty minutes or so.

I am so glad A ordered the muffin. Not only did it tide our hunger pains until our real breakfast, but it also tasted amazing. There were lots of apricot bits in the muffin and it was sweet and delicious, plus the muffin was very fluffy and light. Perfect. Regardless of their hefty price tag of $5 each, they are definitely worth it. All baked goods are made fresh every day by Voyage Kitchen’s pastry chef, Sue Zehnder, including the cakes, biscuits, muffins and puddings (which are also available as take away 7 days a week).

It’s unfortunate that our coffees were below average. The coffee beans are a custom blend by Five Senses and tasted burnt. There also seemed to be a lot of milk but not much coffee in our takeaway cups (a ratio I don’t particularly like). It wasn’t the worst coffee I’ve had but it’s definitely not an enticing coffee to head back for.

When we sat down at our table, we spent quite a bit of time looking at the Mediterranean influenced menu. A lot of the options looked really interesting, including the Mushroom Medley with four types of mushrooms, the Buttermilk Pancakes with a raspberry mascarpone and the Voyage Style Florentine (where its baked in a terracotta dish and features béchamel sauce, poached eggs, nutmeg and tomato relish). A ordered a simple serving of Free Range Eggs (Scrambled) on Ciabatta Toast ($10.50) and I decided to order my first instinct – the ‘Normas Salsa’, which came with Truss Tomatoes, Marinated Feta, Avocado, Poached Eggs, Wilted Spinach and Ciabatta Toast ($18.50) as well as a side of Home-Made Hash Browns ($3).

The food came out fairly quickly seeing as though their large space was completely full of customers. I really liked the baked truss tomatoes, poached eggs and avocado elements of the dish however I wasn’t impressed with the marinated fetta, which were very hard and the marinade was particularly strong. The hash browns weren’t very hot when they arrived to the table, making them a bit sludgy and lacking in crunch.

A’s scrambled eggs were quite good in her opinion however there was a lot of liquid seeping out of her eggs on the plate. I ended up giving her a lot of different bits from my plate so she found it quite filling (especially after the muffin appetiser as well).

The venue is really quaint and was very busy throughout the morning we were there. It’s a lovely spot to have a quick coffee and muffin, or a leisurely brunch with a group of friends. I found the service really friendly on the occasion we went, which is definitely an appealing aspect of Voyage Kitchen. I’m looking forward to returning soon, as there are tables on the outskirts of the restaurant that allow dogs to sit with their owner. I’m also willing to give the coffee another try, as I’ve been told that typically the coffee is quite good at Voyage Kitchen.

I can’t wait to take Baby Mia in the near future.

Baby Mia

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