Beer & Indian @ Gogo’s Madras Curry House, Highgate, W.A.

A and I have recently developed a slight obsession with Indian and Mexican food. They both share the same characteristic that makes them appealing to us – fresh, strong flavours. After attending a Fringe World event at Noodle Palace, A and I headed up Beaufort Street to revisit an old favourite of ours – Gogo’s Madras Curry House.

I had a hankering for beer and deep fried treats, so we ordered a couple of Pure Blondes and the Gogo’s Selection Tasting Plate ($14.95), featuring prawn til tinka, meat samosas, chicken tikka, shammi kabab and ‘famous’ cheese kurkuries served with homemade chutneys ($14.95). We decided to swap the prawn til tinka with the eggplant tomato kashmiri (slices of eggplant, cooked with garlic and tomato chutney and served with raita), as we both loved the sound of this eggplant dish. Each element was lovely and we particularly enjoyed the cheese kurkuries (golden crisp rolls stuffed with lightly spiced soft cream cheese and served with mint and tamarind chutneys).

Gogo's Selection Tasting Plate

For our mains, we decided to share the Dal Makhani ($12.95) and Chicken Jalfrezie ($20.50), as well as basmathi rice ($4) and Garlic naan ($3.95).

The Chicken Jalfrezie was the standout for A and I, as the boneless chicken pieces were marinated in tandoori masala, grilled and tossed with red onions, peppers, chilli and coriander. The end result was a dish that had lots of flavour, including lots of spice! When I order it in future, I’ll be also asking for a side of raita as I think the combination of the spice and yoghurt would match perfectly!

Chicken Jalfrezie

The Dal Makhani was a bit of a letdown after sampling this dish at Bollywood in Inglewood, who had an amazing rendition of this dish. Regardless, the Gogo’s version was made similarly with black lentils which are cooked in a slow fire over night and creamed with spices, tempered with cumin. I would have preferred this dish to be a little creamier but that’s a personal preference.

Dal Makhani

The garlic naan and basmathi rice were excellent sides and overall we really enjoyed our evening at Gogo’s. We are never disappointed by the food and the venue is casual but comfortable enough to stay for a few hours. An added bonus is that you can BYO wine.

garlic naan

We will definitely continue our patronage at Gogo’s and highly recommend a visit if you haven’t been.

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