Best Laksa in Perth @ Basil & Mint, Morley, W.A.

In our last few weeks in Perth, A and I tried to visit restaurants and cafés we hadn’t been to yet. Our friends Nicola and Monica suggested we head to Basil & Mint in Morley, located within the Coventry Markets complex. Both Nicola and Monica gave raving reviews of Basil & Mint, which offers a mix of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.

When A and I dine with others who have frequented the restaurant previously, we always ask for food recommendations. For our entrée, we ordered the sang choy bow ($18.50) to share between the four of us, as both Monica and Nicola said it was excellent. I love Sang Choy Bow, which consists of finely diced meat and vegetables in iceberg lettuce cups. The texture, temperature and flavour contrasts of the meat with the lettuce cups is a favourite and the Sang Choy Bow at Basil & Mint was a lovely version.

Sang Choy Bow

A ordered the Vietnamese pork chop and shredded meat with broken rice ($16). A loved her main, which was served with sliced tomatoes and cucumber, as well as a small bowl of soup broth and nuoc cham, a Vietnamese dipping sauce.

Vietnamese pork chop and shredded meat with broken rice

Monica decided to order two entrées as her main – Tom Yum Soup ($9.50) and Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls ($6). Monica was happy to provide A and I a try of her Tom Yum Soup, which was very spicy but had a great balance of flavour.

Tom Yum Soup ($9.50) and Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls ($6)

Nicola and I both ordered the chicken laksa ($14.80). When we ordered, our waitress asked how spicy we’d like our laksa – I requested medium whereas Nicola ordered hot. I can confidently say that Basil & Mint tweak the spices to your liking, as Nicola’s was quite a bit hotter than mine. Even though both dishes varied in spiciness, they were perfectly balanced in flavour and very generous in size. I’m calling this laksa the best I’ve had in Perth – it was that good!

chicken laksa

All in all, we loved our dinner at Basil & Mint. If it weren’t one of our goodbye dinners due to us moving interstate, we would of headed back there very soon after to try more of their dishes.

Highly recommended.

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