Brilliant Breakfast @ Penny University, Kingston, ACT

A and I have been a few times to Penny University for breakfast or coffee since its opening in November last year. On my first visit, I was a little apprehensive after hearing comments on social media and from colleagues who said that it was overly hipster and the service was unfriendly. However, during all of our visits, I’ve found the service friendly and overall quite efficient for how busy it gets.

Penny Uni

The food that I’ve had on my breakfast visits has been brilliant and I’m hoping to try dinner at Penny University within the next few weeks, as dinner is served on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.

My favourite dish at Penny University (so far) is the McPenny ($14), which comes in a sweet , light, crunchy bun, which contrasts the fluffy cheddar scrambled eggs, streaky ‘pialligo’ smoked bacon, spinach and Penny’s tomato salsa. You need to order this – it’s amazing!


A’s ordered Eggs Your Way (scrambled), served with toast ($12) a few times and loves that it isn’t overly buttery and a decent sized serving. You can also add a variety of sides (including A’s favourites – Avocado and Pialligo Bacon) for $3 or $4 each.

Eggs Your Way

On one weekday morning, my team decided to head over to Kingston for a work meeting which included coffee and cake. We ordered an almond croissant and Banana and Chocolate muffin to share between seven.

Almond Crossiant

Both items were freshly baked however my favourite was the Banana and Nutella muffin. Somehow, the Nutella remained smooth inside its casing, leaving you with the most glorious muffin innards. An amazing muffin that needs to be tried!

Muffins and Cronuts

Penny University roast their own coffee and although I find it strong and a little bitter, I think the winning aspect is that the barista’s know how to make a good coffee. A and I have had quite a few coffees from Penny University and haven’t been disappointed with the coffee – hopefully this doesn’t change.


My one gripe with Penny University is the Sunday surcharge, as a table of 6 ended up paying an additional $9.30. I’m a huge believer that diners shouldn’t have to pay hidden surcharges in any situation – including when using a credit card or dining on a Sunday or public holiday – when it’s the establishments business decision to open for business or accept that method of payment. (If you disagree, feel free to add a comment below and argue your point – maybe you’ll be able to shed some light on the matter!)

Overall, I really like Penny University. I think it executes fantastic food and serves good coffee. I’m glad it has popped up in Canberra and can’t wait to visit for dinner.

Highly recommended.
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