Chocolate Decadence @ Koko Black, Claremont, W.A.

I recently went on a long-anticipated trip to France in June. During this trip, I become acquainted with a lovely dessert they call “Moelleux du Chocolat”. Over my three weeks travelling around France, I made it my culinary journey to try as many as I could of these delightful cakes, as you can see below.

My very first – Cavaillon, France
One of the many after – Paris, France

So, when I heard that Koko Black in Claremont has a version of the famous, French moelleux, it was inevitable that I’d find my way there.

When we arrived, I was immediately distracted by the food coming out of the kitchen. The little trays of ice-cream, biscuits and chocolate looked adorable and extremely appetising. I was also lost looking at the menu and it was decided that we’d share the Moelleux. In addition to the Moelleux, I ordered the iced chocolate after the table next to me had one delivered and it looked amazing. The iced chocolate came with two scoops of ice-cream (vanilla and chocolate) with chocolate syrup swirls around the glass and chocolate flakes on the top. This drink was a dessert in itself and was rich enough to subside my chocolate cravings for a week after.

When the Moelleux came out it looked very similar to the ones I had in France. The centre of the cake had melted chocolate in it while the outside was still hard but the cake was beautiful itself. The beauty about this dish is the chocolate used. It is a mix between extremely rich milk chocolate and a cocoa flavour. This makes it very easy to consume, as it is not too rich. I was very impressed with this rendition. It was served with raspberry espuma, which is a light and airy mousse like addition that is whipped without any egg whites. The espuma added a lovely flavour to the chocolate that I’ve never had before but definitely liked!

Before we left, we decided to try some of the hand-crafted chocolates at the front of the restaurant. These are still waiting to be tried, due to the fact that I am chocolated out.

All in all, I loved Koko Black in Claremont. I can’t wait to go back and try the ‘spoils’ and the rest of the chocolate delights on the menu. The service provided on the night was good and the venue is quite charming. There were many tables that had a table of girls catching up over chocolate or a couple on dates, which created a lovely vibe.

Recommended to all.

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