‘Coat of Arms’ Burger Launch @ Grill’d, Shafto Lane, Perth CBD (Written by special guest writer, A)

Coat of Arms promo

To celebrate Australia Day, Grill’d has created the world’s first ‘Coat of Arms’ burger allowing hungry Australians to eat their national emblem. The burger features a blend of lean kangaroo and emu meat, as well as premium Australian-sourced ingredients including award-winning Meredith Dairy goats cheese, quandongs, bush tomato relish and native thyme mayo.

I must admit when I was invited to be one of the first to experience the Coat of Arms burger I was a little apprehensive about the native wildlife content of the pattie. After nine months of research & development, the result is a delicious mild flavoured kangaroo and emu pattie, super lean with just 1% fat and high in protein. The tart and tangy quandong and the sweet bush tomato relish provides the perfect partnership to what is a uniquely Australian burger experience which is deliciously tasty!

Coat of Arms Burger

I highly recommend giving it a try and I would like to see it become a permanent choice on the Grill’d menu.

The ‘Coat of Arms’ is available for a limited time from 19 January up until 31 January in only one selected restaurant in Perth – the Grill’d Shafto Lane outlet. Grill’d have also decided to only serve 50 per day, so you’ll need to be quick!

Thanks to One Green Bean PR and Grill’d for inviting CFJ to this event!

And of course, a very special thanks goes to A for attending the event and writing the post on behalf of CFJ.com. 

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