Coffee Artistry & Excellent Food @ Kahawa Café, Claremont, W.A.

I’ve been meaning to try Kahawa since I heard its name, as “kahawa” is the word for coffee in Arabic (and also in Swahili, which I learnt during my post-breakfast research). I’ll be the first to admit that I did little research on Kahawa Café before asking A to come for a drive with me to check it out – however I knew that it was highly reputed for its excellent coffee.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we were happy to see that Kahawa had a few tables outside – perfect for some vitamin D sunbathing. Upon looking around the venue, I was slightly surprised to see that the café leans towards an African influence more than a Middle Eastern one, with the décor featuring lots of African artefacts scattered around the smallish venue, plus a large antler light fitting suspended from the middle of its ceiling.

The menu features typical breakfast dishes but some have African inspired names, including my choice ‘The Savannah’ ($15.90). A ordered Free Range Eggs ($10.90) cooked to her liking (scrambled) and we also ordered our two usual coffees, both in mugs. When I placed our order at the counter, the waitress asked for our names. I was a little confused as to why so I asked if we needed to collect our coffees from the counter, to which she responded, “You’ll see”.

I sat back down and it wasn’t long before the mystery was solved – my name was featured on my coffee! It was a lovely piece of coffee artistry and the added bonus was Kahawa’s use of Fiori coffee beans, supplying a strong coffee hit. I definitely concur with Kahawa’s reputation of serving excellent coffee!


I really enjoyed The Savannah which came with gooey-in-the-middle poached eggs, bacon, avocado salsa on grilled Turkish bread. Seeing as though there were two slices of bread, I ate one with the eggs and some bacon, while the other was reserved for the last strip of bacon and the avocado salsa. These two variations within the one dish were delicious and I highly recommend trying it.


A mentioned that her scrambled free range eggs were made really well and she enjoyed the addition of the Kahawa tomato relish on the side.


A and I were both impressed with our breakfast at Kahawa Café. There are a variety of dishes available for those who are vegetarian and/or gluten intolerant and the staff are very friendly and helpful. The café feels very relaxed and there are lots of African paraphernalia on display – giving you lots to look at during your meal. If you love dining with your pooch, you’ll be happy to know that Kahawa Café is a dog-friendly café.

Highly recommended.

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