Cracking Croquetas @ Pinchos, Leederville, W.A.

I’m a fan of Jus Burgers in Perth, as well as the former Snags and Sons, which has recently been amalgamated into Juss in Northbridge (previously known as Jus Burgers). Pinchos is Justin Bell’s newest venture and is located next to Jus Burgers in Leederville, in Snags and Sons previous location. After my recent trip to Barcelona, I’ve been infatuated with Spanish and Catalan food and was surprised to find a sprout of new Spanish eateries in Perth during our Christmas return to Perth, which seemed to have popped up during our short four month absence.

Pinchos (also spelt as Pintxos) are small snacks or finger foods, which can be served cold or warm. Typically, you can eat them as a bar snack while you wait for your table or enjoy these finger foods in bulk for a light(ish) dinner.

I was excited to meet up with my friend Tash (previously mentioned in my Mr Munchies Sushi post) and was happy when she agreed to meet at Pinchos. When we arrived, there was a wait for a table however we were seated within half an hour. Once seated, we were notified of the ordering system – on your table are ordering sheets and pens, where you select which item you wish to order and the quantity requested. Tash and I easily agreed on what to order, so once our sheet was completed we submitted our sheet and paid at the counter.

Ordering sheet

The pintxos chorizo con miel (sausage, honey and cheese) ($2 each) arrived first. I enjoyed the combination of the saltiness of the chorizo, the sweetness of the honey and tangy flavour from the pickle and thought that it was a promising start to our meal.

pintxos chorizo con miel

Our next dish was the tortilla de patatas (potato omelette, guindilla pickle and aioli) ($6). I’ve recently learnt that there are so many ways to make ‘traditional’ tortilla and so many contradicting claims, however I thought that Pinchos made an excellent rendition which featured plenty of thinly sliced potato – the hero of this Spanish favourite.

tortilla de patatas

My favourite dish of the night was the smoked ham and chicken croquetas ($8). Tash and I ended up ordering another serving as they were delicious – crunchy, cheesy and indulgent with a subtle smokey flavour. Seriously delicious!

smoked ham and chicken croquetas

During my trip to Barcelona, I fell in love with pan con tomate (grilled tomato bread) ($4), a typical Catalan dish that is simplistic but so flavoursome. We added jamon for $2, which is another authentic addition and matches the tomato perfectly.

pan con tomate w jamon

Our last dish to arrive was the albondigas de cordero arabe – lamb meatballs, beans, yoghurt, fig and dukkah. Overall we enjoyed the flavour of the lamb with yoghurt and fig but wouldn’t order it again. I think I personally preferred the lighter, more traditional pinchos style dishes however Tash particularly enjoyed this dish.

albondigas de cordero arabe

Tash and I were tempted to try some of the postres (desserts) but instead opted for our favourite place for dessert – Chocolateria San Churros, a short walk away. It was an excellent end to a fantastic meal.

All in all, Tash and I really enjoyed our night at Pinchos. The food was authentic, the prices were reasonable and the service was friendly. I loved the style of the eatery with the bar stools, simplistic menu and it definitely reminded me of some of the eateries we frequented in Barcelona.

Highly recommended.
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