Delicious Food @ Tom’s Kitchen, Perth CBD, W.A.

One of the little known facts about me is that I love murder mysteries – whether it be in books, films or TV shows. A was kind enough to buy us tickets to see Agatha Christie’s The Mouse Trap at His Majesty’s Theatre a few weeks ago and also took me out to dinner beforehand (gotta love date nights!)

We were aiming to return to Plenty, a little Thai restaurant in Shafto Lane that we have previously visited and thoroughly enjoyed but it was closed. Fortunately for us, we noticed Tom’s Kitchen opposite. We viewed the menu on the window and decided to try it.

When we walked in, we were surprised at how small the interior of the restaurant is. It’s a quaint little venue that has a large external area attached, which is where we were seated. The wines by the glass menu is written on a chalkboard inside, while the food menu is very concise. I’ve mentioned previously in this blog that I like smaller menus, as it allows you limited options to make a quicker decision. Regardless of its limited options, there’s still a lot of choice as the menu is split into starters, pasta dishes, mains, sides, desserts and cheese plates.

There wasn’t a menu item that didn’t look appetising. We ordered the Duck and Taleggio Croquettes ($14) to start with as well as two glasses of The Lane Lois Sparkling Blanc de Blanc ($11 each). For our mains, I ordered the Carnaroli Risotto with Pea, Courgette and Feta ($24) while A ordered the Crispy Salmon and Fish Cake with Tomato, Lentils and Salsa Verde ($30).

It didn’t take long for our Duck and Taleggio Croquettes to arrive and they were amazing! Crispy on the outside and gooey on the middle, with lots of flavour from both the duck and cheese. I would definitely order this dish again.

The Carnaroli Risotto with Pea, Courgette and Feta was one of the best risottos I’ve ever had. The rice was cooked through but somehow the peas and courgette still had an excellent bite to them. The overall flavour of this dish through the stock and veggies was amazing and it is definitely one of my highlight dishes in my last few months of eating!

A’s Crispy Salmon and Fish Cake with Tomato, Lentils and Salsa Verde was thoroughly enjoyed by A. I was lucky enough to try some of her dish and each element had huge amounts of flavour, including the crispy fish cake and salsa verde. The skin on the salmon and fish cake were really crispy but didn’t taste like there was too much oil, while the salsa verde added a bit of zest to the dish. Another excellent dish!

Seeing as though the food so far was amazing, we decided to also order dessert. Even A, who doesn’t typically eat desserts, ordered her own Sticky Date Pudding with Vanilla Ice-Cream and Toffee Sauce ($11) (as usually she’ll share mine). It was nice to have my own dessert, as I am slightly infatuated with Sticky Date Pudding (to the point where A made it as my birthday cake this year – so good!). Tom’s Kitchen provided another stand-out dish, as the pudding was packed with fresh dates, the toffee sauce was thick and rich and there was also a generous amount of ice-cream (a must!).

Tom’s Kitchen was an absolute gem to find for our evening in the Perth CBD. I recommend booking in advance, especially for tables larger than two as Tom’s Kitchen was quite busy on the night we went. Because there was a no-show for a table of two on the night we went, we were lucky enough to get a table in the fully-booked restaurant.

Highly recommended.

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    Had heard good thing’s about Tom’s but never made the effort – that’s all going to change now after reading of your experience! Isn’t it great when you just stumble upon gems like that!

    • perthfoodjournal says

      It was amazing! Can’t recommend the risotto or sticky date pudding more! Let me know how you enjoy it when you go :)


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