Disappointing Revisit @ Jamie’s Italian, Canberra CBD, ACT

A and I caught up with our friend M a few weeks ago and headed to Jamie’s Italian for dinner. A and I were looking forward to visiting Jamie’s Italian again, as we enjoyed our last visit. In my previous post about Jamie’s Italian in Canberra, I recommended a visit and seeing as though A and I were very disappointed with our most recent visit, I thought I’d provide a summary of this experience and the reason why I now don’t recommend it.

(Please note that during our most recent visit, I had no intention of writing a post so didn’t take photos of all the food)

  • While waiting in the line to get a table, two girls behind us jumped to the front and then were seated straight away by the manager. No reservation but because she worked there, she was provided preference. It’s a lovely aspect as an employee, however for the plebs in the line who were in front of her, we were a little pissed that she was able to do this.
  • There were so many empty tables throughout the restaurant at 6pm, however we waited 45 minutes to be seated. I’m not sure if the empty half of the restaurant was reserved for a later time or whether they were staging the wait time. Either way, the wait time was a little odd seeing as though once we were seated there were still empty tables throughout the restaurant.
  • One of my favourite dishes to order at Jamie’s Italian is the crispy arancini ($11.50) and after raving about it to M, I was disappointed to find that there were dry bits of rice throughout the rice mixture.
  • A’s wild boar and porcini lasagne ($27.50) arrived to the table and was very dry. After one bite, she returned it to the kitchen. Our waitress returned a few minutes later and said that it must’ve been a bad batch of lasagne and the chef was now taking it off the menu for the evening. A was offered another dish so she chose her second choice – Vongole tagliolini ($15.50). When it arrived, the plate was vinegary and both M and I commented on the smell that was coming from the plate of pasta. A didn’t eat it.
Wild boar and porcini lasagne

Wild boar and porcini lasagne

  • I ordered the Jool’s favourite Sicilian tuna fusilli ($13.50) and unfortunately it was overly salty. It was so salty that I ended up having tummy pains later that night and a strong salty taste in my mouth for the rest of the evening. It’s not something that’s enjoyable!
Jool’s favourite Sicilian tuna fusilli

Jool’s favourite Sicilian tuna fusilli

We left Jamie’s Italian and as A was still hungry, we stopped in for a burger at Grill’d around the corner.

During our night at Jamie’s Italian there were two positives – our waitress was lovely and accommodating and M really enjoyed her dishes; crispy squid and spaghetti alla norma. Later that night, A and I looked at other reviews online and noticed that we aren’t the only Canberran’s who have found fault with the Jamie’s Italian restaurant. There were also a few other bloggers on twitter that commented they weren’t that impressed either.

If you’ve been to Jamie’s Italian in Canberra – how have you found it?

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  1. Steph says

    I’ve been 3 times and loved it each time. The good was great and the service was excellent. The last time I went the server mixed up my order. When he realised what had happened, he whisked everyone’s plates away as the wait was going to be 20 mins for my order. They brought complimentary fresh bread (2) and (2) polenta chips to nibble on while we waited. Then they brought everyone out fresh meals – even though a couple of people had already eaten a quarter of their meals. Everyone enjoyed their food and the risotto and truffle starter was so yummy.

  2. Melina says

    We didn’t have a great experience – this was a couple of months ago. We were looking forward to it after hearing so much about it (the partner loves Italian). The food was not good/cooked properly for both our orders – and we decided not to go again. However, we attributed our disappointing experience to the chef having an off meal once in a while, since everyone else loves it so much. That said we will not be visiting it again.

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