Excellent Food, Service & Atmosphere @ Bollywood Restobar, Innaloo, W.A.

There are quite a few Indian restaurants within walking distance to the Event Cinemas in Innaloo, so A and I often head to one of them for a pre-movie dinner. When A and I went to see the new James Bond movie, we decided to eat at an old favourite, Bollywood Restobar.

Restaurant - BR

Bollywood Restobar is part restaurant, part bar – hence its name. The colour scheme is quite fetching, with dark table and chairs but hot pink a regular feature throughout its large dining room and bar area. My eyes were immediately drawn to the 3D menu covers and I couldn’t help but watch the people on the cover ‘move’.


A and I decided to order a bottle of the Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc ($40) from New Zealand to start with. When it arrived at our table, we were poured two glasses. When A and I were toasting, I noticed something floating in her glass. It was a dead mozzie which must have been sitting at the bottom of the glass. I quickly motioned for a waiter to get us another glass and without another word, we were also bought over a fresh bottle of wine. Our waiter also apologised profusely and it was all dealt with very quickly. The issue was resolved within a minute and due to this quick and efficient resolution, this mishap didn’t taint our evening or viewpoint of Bollywood Restobar at all but instead made us commend its excellent service.

We decided to order two mains to share – the Butter Chicken ($21.50) and the Dal Makhni ($15.00). We also ordered enough basmati rice for two ($7) and garlic naan bread ($4).

A and I were both really impressed with the Dal Makhni. This vegetarian dish was made with whole black lentils which were soaked overnight and then finished in a tomato based gravy with cream and spices. This was an excellent dish that was creamy and full of flavour and is now a newfound favourite for A and I.

Dal Makhni

Butter chicken is possibly my favourite type of curry. I love the richness of the sauce and would happily eat it with rice for days. Bollywood Restobar cook shredded, boneless chicken in a rich tomato gravy which is flavoured with fenugreek and the end result is a delicious rendition of the favourite curry.

Butter Chicken

Our naan and rice were both cooked really nicely and were perfect accompaniments to our curries. My only slight criticism was that I would have preferred a bit more garlic flavour on the naan.

naanRice - Bollywood

Overall, we really enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere during our dinner. We will definitely be back and highly recommend a visit.

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