Excellent Japanese Takeaway @ Musashi, Joondalup, W.A.

If you are a regular reader of CFJ, you would know that I recently moved jobs and positions. I’m enjoying the transition but initially found it quite difficult – not only was I leaving a comfortable job elsewhere, I also left an excellent location. I moved from West Perth to Joondalup, leaving me with limited lunch options in comparison to endless lunch options, thanks to being in close proximity to the Perth CBD.

Regardless, I initially made a concerted effort to find new eateries in Joondalup. I scoured Urbanspoon and asked my readers for recommendations on Facebook and Twitter. This is how I stumbled upon Musashi in Joondalup and ever since, it’s become a staple for excellent weekday lunches.

Musashi is a small Japanese takeaway shop that is only open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner. Even though it specifically caters for takeaway, there are a handful of tables inside and outside, however Musashi only provides counter service.

My favourite Japanese lunch to order is Katsu Chicken Curry ($9), due to the combination of crispy chicken and the mild curry sauce. At Musashi, I found the quality of the chicken to be really good (it’s not the scary grey-looking chicken that some places serve) and the serving is very generous. I’ve had a few of these dishes around Perth and definitely think that Musashi does an excellent version.

On another occasion, I ordered a serving of Takoyaki ($5.80) to share with a colleague, as she hadn’t tried it before. Due to it being a takeaway shop, the takoyaki was a little lukewarm and not as crispy as it usually is, however it still tasted excellent. There was a balance of potato and octopus within the dumpling balls and in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with deep-fried octopus balls!

I’ve also ordered various sushi from Musashi as well, which are all made fresh and are reasonably priced (a small serving will set you back $4, whereas a large serving is $7.40). I also like that they provide pickled ginger at no extra cost. Bonus!

Crispy Chicken Sushi

I have had one disappointing dish at Musashi unfortunately, which was the Teriyaki Chicken Bento box ($7.90).  The chicken was a bit too sweet for my liking and the coleslaw was old and it tasted horrible. I liked the mash potato and there was heaps of chicken provided, however I wouldn’t order this dish again.

Musashi also has a ‘special menu’ which contains Udon Noodle soups and Katsudon. There are also a number of sides available, including potato croquettes, okonomiyaki and gyozas. All of the dishes are very reasonably priced and I would definitely recommend a weekday lunch at Musashi.

Musashi on Urbanspoon

**If you have a recommendation for a weekday lunch in the Joondalup area, please feel free to let me know via the comment field below. :)


  1. says

    I do enjoy Musashi as a fellow Joondalup resident. If you looking for a good cafe, try Moments on Davidson Tce, near Dome. Its a cute quirky cafe with reasonable prices and great customer service. They are closed Saturday but open Sundays.

  2. Rach says

    Red turban joondalup they used to have a $10 curry n rice bowl for lunch is massive and delish think its on Davidson terrace Rach

  3. Eunice says

    Thanks for your recommendation!i jus moved to joondalup too. I love japs food so much, i have tried another one Japanese restaurant which is located joondalup square. Their price and foods both are quite nice too.

  4. EuroFoodie says

    How tastes can vary… I probably had in excess of 100 Chicken Teriyaki Bento Boxes here and I wholeheartedly disagree with your comment that it is no good. It is excellent! This is probably the most popular dish here…. many of my colleagues agree with me on that one and we have been coming here for years ????
    The ‘coleslaw’ they serve is not old and never has been. It is raw and fresh and not of the soggy ‘American’ variety…
    I did not like the Katsu you mentioned and this is because it is a poor attempt at a curry and everyone knows that Japanese are not quite as good at that as Indians for example… Only if you like the ‘soft Australianised’ version of a curry….
    But – in the end it is all about tastes (which vary)… we could argue for days on end. Just my 2 cents…

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