Excellent Value @ Bollywood Spices Indian Cuisine, North Perth, W.A.

When A and I are craving a curry, we typically head to Bollywood Restrobar in Innaloo for our curry fix. We love the atmosphere, food and service that Bollywood offers and have yet to be disappointed. However, a few weeks ago we decided to try the other Bollywood restaurant in Perth, Bollywood Spices Indian Cuisine in North Perth, after I noticed it held a pretty high rating on Urbanspoon.

When we arrived, we were surprised at how popular this tiny little restaurant was. There are only a handful of tables within the restaurant itself, but a queue had formed outside of people waiting for their takeaway orders. Our reserved table was the only vacant table left in the restaurant so I highly recommend making a booking if you decide to try Bollywood Spices (as well as bringing a bottle of wine, as Bollywood is BYO only and there’s no bottleshop within walking distance).

A and I decided to order a starter for the evening, the Onion Bhaji ($5) and then two vegetarian curries to share for our main – Saag Paneer ($16.50) and Aloo Gobi ($15.50). We also ordered Steamed Basmati Rice for two ($4), Garlic Naan ($4) and Naan Peshawari ($5).

The Onion Bhaji arrived soon after we ordered and for the inexpensive price of $5, we received two generous pieces. There was lots of spice within these bhajis and the outside was still crisp when they arrived at the table. A mentioned that they reminded her of the onion bhaji’s she ate when she was in India and was impressed with our entree.

Onion Bhaji

When our mains arrived, I couldn’t wait to try the Aloo Gobi, a vegetarian curry made with diced cauliflower and potato cooked within an onion masala sauce. I really enjoyed this dish, as the masala sauce was rich in flavour and the potato and cauliflower still held their texture.

Aloo Gobi

The Saag Paneer was made with green chopped spinach cooked with cottage cheese and spices. A loved this curry on the night, as she thought the strong spinach flavour was the standout of the dish and there was also a generous amount of cottage cheese within the curry.

Saag Paneer

My standout of the evening was the Naan Peshawari, made with onion, nuts, fruit, spices and cheese. It sounds like an unlikely mix (savoury onion, sweet fruit and spices), and I admit that I was hesitant to try it but it was one of those unique flavour combinations that really worked for me. I highly recommend giving it a try!

naan peshawari

Our meal for the evening was only $50 and we both enjoyed our food. I’ll be back but I will probably opt to takeaway next time, as the continuous flow of people picking up their takeaway orders was a little distracting during our dinner within the tiny restaurant.


Bollywood Spices Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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