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Recently, I’ve been noticing that the majority of my conversations are now primarily about food, especially if people know that I am behind CFJ.  I love this aspect of the blog because it ends with various ideas of where to go and little known facts of new and interesting places around Perth. One of my work colleagues told me about 50mL earlier this week and told me to go check it out.

50mL has yet to erect a sign at the front of its premises. It’s located on Oxford Street in Leederville, between San Churros & Varga Girl. Our initial plans were to go for breakfast but on arrival we saw that the options were very limited. I am a savoury eater in the morning, whereas A can do sugar but it has to be “healthyish” – This means no icing. 50mL had a huge range of cakes, cupcakes and macarons (all with icing) and a limited amount of food to order for breakfast – toast, baked eggs, muffins (which were sold out) and toasted sandwiches. At first glance we ended up walking out and thinking of heading over to Sayers. It was A who pulled me back to 50mL to try it out.

A opted for the toasted ham and cheese sandwich while I had the ham and cheese croissant. The in-house coffee mugs were a bit small so we ordered two takeaway coffees for the larger size (which wasn’t that large, but a regular takeaway coffee size). It’s counter service, so upon trying to find seats (which was a good distance away from people on the couches with their bare feet in the air –Ew!) we decided to sit close to the counter and view the café in motion.

The décor is quite visually stimulating – there is quite a lot going on. I ended up turning to A at some point before my first coffee of the day arrived and saying that I was feeling a bit claustrophobic due to the clutter. There are no clean, smooth lines and there is stuff everywhere. On the ceilings there are red, plastic washing baskets and colanders that are makeshift light coverings. For me, the décor was tacky and not that welcoming.

Our coffees arrived first. Both of them were quite hot and watery. I asked the too-cool-for-school waitress about the coffee beans who told us it was a “unique blend of Brew-Ha coffee”. It isn’t that unique and it wasn’t too appetising.  In saying that, it wasn’t the worst I’ve had but I wouldn’t venture here again for the ordinary, watery coffee.

The food came out a little while after. My croissant was quite nice and I have nothing to fault with the croissant itself. The plating was a bit dire though, as a serviette was under the croissant and it was beginning to make my croissant soggy, due to the heat being trapped. A’s ham & cheese toasted sandwich looked really appetizing once it came to the table, as its appearance in the cabinet made it look quite ordinary. A said that it had been brushed with a little olive oil and rosemary before the toasting process, which made it quite flavoursome.

The owner, Debbie Saunders, is currently in the process of getting a liquor licence for 50mL (which makes sense from the name of the joint). Ms Saunders is also linked to Greens & Co down the street and the link can be seen quite strongly – both venues do coffee and cake and not much else. The service really does come across a bit snobby and the venue’s tacky décor both seem to make the venue not very welcoming. The one plus is the smell of baking cakes in the oven behind the counter. It smelt good and 50mL has a lovely array of teas on offer for you to choose from.

After today, I will probably skip 50mL for coffee or breakfast, however once the liquor licence kicks in I will endeavour to return as I think it’ll be a great addition to Oxford Street, Leederville.

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