Famous Dumplings @ Din Tai Fung, Pyrmont, NSW

I love heading to Sydney, as the city seems to have endless options for dining out. I’ve become reliant on Urbanspoon and other blogs for recommendations, as the choice of where to dine in Sydney can be a little overwhelming. When we were in Sydney a few weeks ago, I saw Din Tai Fung’s amazing reviews on Urbanspoon and decided to try it.

There are four Din Tai Fung outlets in Sydney, with the closest one to our hotel being within The Star complex, near Darling Harbour. When we located it within The Star food quarter, we noticed that it was the only venue with a line, which was very long. Supposedly, the lines are a regular occurrence at Din Tai Fung outlets, which can be found in Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, USA and Hong Kong. The first Din Tai Fung opened in 1974 and their dumplings are now legendary and have been referred to as the best in the world.

As we had eaten a late lunch at Nourished in Avalon (post to come soon), A and I only ordered a few small dishes to share. Once we ordered at the counter, we found a seat within the busy food quarter and very soon after our buzzer was vibrating to let us know that our food was ready for collection.

Seeing as though their dumplings are highly reputed, we decided to order Pork Dumpling (4pcs) ($5.80). The dumplings are made fresh to order (you can watch the chefs make it through the window on the side) and the pork dumplings are steamed for exactly three minutes. The dumplings arrived perfectly shaped, with the pork filling full of flavour.  The precision of the dumplings is what makes Din Tai Fung reputable and you can find the exact measurements of their dumplings on their website.

Pork Dumplings

We also ordered two pork buns ($2.80 each). I love pork buns and it’s not often I get to eat them. Din Tai Fung’s pork buns were definitely the best I’ve sampled, with the bun extremely soft and the barbequed pork filling rich and flavoursome.

pork buns

One of the main factors leading to our expedition to Din Tai Fung was a picture I saw on Urbanspoon of their battered calamari with tangy dip ($9.80). I love fried calamari and although I enjoyed this dish, I thought that the calamari could’ve been a little crisper.

Battered calamari with tangy dip

A and I also ordered the Spicy Shrimp and pork wonton with dry noodle ($11.90) to share between the two of us. We loved the strong, unique flavours within this dish but couldn’t finish it as it was very spicy. Our lips were tingling for at least an hour after this dish – a great dish to order if you like your food spicy!

Spicy Shrimp and pork wonton with dry noodle

All in all, we really enjoyed our light supper at Din Tai Fung. Even though there was a long line to order, they are fast and efficient. The dumplings are excellent and this outlet is great if you are keen for a quick, easy dinner in Sydney.


Din Tai Fung on Urbanspoon

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