Kerbside Breakfast @ Foam Coffee Bar, Leederville, W.A.

Ashlee and I met for breakfast at Foam Coffee Bar in Leederville a few months back, as we were both keen to try the predecessor to an iconic Leederville café, Oxford 130.

Foam Coffee Bar has a similar feel to the old Oxford 130, as it still has a casual vibe but with a nicer, more aesthetic, Swedish-inspired contemporary café fit-out. I was also impressed with the kerb-side dining on offer at Foam, as the space outside is set-up in a way where you can dine outside but away from the pedestrians on the sidewalk and the cars on the road. Ashlee and I decided to sit outside and had a short wait for a table.

I ordered a cappuccino to start with. Foam Coffee Bar uses the ‘Dark Horse’ Five Senses Coffee blend and also provides you with a tiny teddy with your coffee. The coffee itself was strong, exactly how I prefer, but my main highlight was the Tiny Teddy – a perfect accompaniment to my coffee.

Tiny Teddy @ Foam

Foam Coffee Bar’s breakfast menu has a selection of typical breakfast options, but Ashlee was inclined to try the Bubble and Squeak, with chorizo, bocconcini and fried egg ($12.50). She really liked her dish and was nice enough to let me try it. I also really liked it, as the fried potatoes, chorizo and egg were an excellent match. I think it’ll be a great breakfast option if you’ve had a big night the night before!

Bubble and Squeak, with chorizo, bocconcini and fried egg

I ordered the Bacon and Egg Toastie served with Relish ($7.50). I liked that the relish came on the side, as I’m fussy with the amount sometimes applied – especially if someone is heavy handed. I’d admit that I would have preferred my egg to be a little more runny, but overall the toastie was lovely.

Bacon & Egg Toastie

Foam Coffee Bar also has a selection of home baked treats on offer – great for those mornings when you feel like something sweet or small.


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