Food Court Favourite @ Phi Yen, Enex 100 Foodcourt, Perth CBD, W.A.

I’ve recently moved jobs, which also meant that I moved locations. I’m now based in Joondalup instead of West Perth and as much as I like the change, I definitely miss the variety of food options in Perth CBD which was only a Cat ride away. Now I take my lunch to work most days (and save lots of money!) but head into town on the weekends, mainly due to this wonderful dish located at the Phi Yen outlet in the Enex 100 food court.

There’s a bit of a stigma with food court food outlets, and typically I find that the stigma is correct. However, I had to write a post about the amazing Phi Yen outlet. It regularly produces fresh, tasty food at a reasonable price and is definitely restaurant quality. I love it and it has triggered a series of weekend visits to Perth CBD in the last few months.

The particular dish that has wowed me is the Egg Noodle Soup with Crispy Chicken (Dry) ($12) or alternatively with Crispy Duck ($12.50).  I order it dry so my chicken or duck isn’t placed in the soup but kept on the side. This way it remains crispy and I can attack it easily by hand. The Asian stock soup is also provided on the side, with the noodles, coriander, bean sprouts, Asian veggies, and dried onion in a separate bowl. It is a beautiful dish that is light, fresh and healthy (if you don’t think about the crispy chicken/duck!)

Egg Noodle Soup with Crispy Duck (Dry)

However, I’ve also a few other dishes on their menu, including the ready-made selection at the front where you can get two choices with rice or noodles for $11. It’s an absolute bargain for the serving you get (which could easily serve A and I for lunch) and it comes with a side of Asian style coleslaw as well. A will often tell me at the end of a working day about one of the soups she’s had at Phi Yen for lunch, including the Rice Noodle Soup with Rare-Medium cooked Beef, Egg Noodle Soup with Chicken, Wonton and Pork and a variety of others all for approximately $12. It makes me very jealous!

You can also enjoy your meal with a beer or glass of wine too, as Phi Yen is licensed.

Highly recommended if you are in town and looking for some yummy Vietnamese.

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