Four Perth Food Bloggers Have Dinner @ Eureka Chinese Restaurant, Wilson, W.A.

Last year, CFJ was invited to the opening night of the new Nespresso boutique store in Perth. During the night, I met a few of the other food bloggers in Perth. About a month later, Perth Food Engineers sent an email to the group of food bloggers that attended, asking whether we were interested in having dinner. It was a slow process of finding a date and venue that suited everyone, however we finally managed to meet at Eureka Chinese Restaurant in Wilson, which is a regular haunt for Miss Egg (from Perth Food Engineers).

Eureka Chinese Restaurant is a tiny little suburban restaurant that is situated in a tiny row of shops. There are six tables inside, which all feature Lazy Susans. The place is minimal inside in regards to decor and I couldn’t help but giggle at the waitresses shirt that read “If found, please return me to the pub”.

On the night, the attendees were Miss Egg and Miss L from Perth Food Engineers, CJ from Perth Munchkin with her lovely fiance GG, The Food Pornographer and her lovely partner Jac, as well as A and I. The majority of us had only met at the Nespresso event so it was lovely sitting around a huge table and discussing topics other than food. However, when it came time to order dinner, the food bloggers saw it as a serious task and we all went quiet and consulted our partners. Miss Egg from PFE knew that some dishes needed to be pre-ordered, so she kindly ordered the roast duck and the ‘prosperous chicken’ for the table a few days before. It was decided that we’d also order the Beef with Lemongrass and Chilli, Salt & Pepper Squid, Sambal Long Beans, and Chow Mien.

The standout dish of the night, in my opinion, was the Roast Duck. The duck was glazed and the flavour of the dish was amazing. It also helped that the duck was quite meaty and not too fatty. It was a huge portion and would be recommended by all the food bloggers at the table (as we all thought it was really good!)

The Prosperous Chicken was something new for A and I, as we’d never tried this dish before. It was a cold chicken dish that had lots of flavour, however I didn’t really eat too much of this dish, due to personal preference. It was well received by others though!

The Beef with Lemongrass and Chilli was another favourite for the night. The flavours were really strong and ingredients all seemed quite fresh.

A and I picked the Chow Mein (Dry). This was another great dish of the night. The noodles were lovely and each element in the dish had lots of flavour.

The Salt & Pepper Squid was the quickest dish to empty on the table. The squid was cooked really well and seasoned perfectly.

The Sambal Long Beans was well received by the rest of the group. I didn’t eat too much of this dish as I find the sambal flavour a little overpowering. However, Miss Egg from PFE tells me that this dish is Eureka’s speciality.

Each dish tasted really good at Eureka. We were all very full by the end of the night and there was still food left over. When the bill came, a few of us were shocked to learn that we were only required to pay $19 each. It was a definite bargain!

In saying that, I have to admit that I was really thirsty when I got home. I am not too sure why but I think there may have been MSG in the food at Eureka. If you venture there, it might be worth asking for no MSG. Also, Eureka does not serve alcohol on the premises but you can BYO wine. Eureka has two sittings, one at 6:00 and the other at 7:30, and the venue only has a few tables so I recommend making a booking in advance. I also recommend pre-ordering a duck if you go in a big group as it is a standout dish.

All in all, A and I had a great night at Eureka. The food and company were great and the venue was perfect for a casual catchup. A special thanks to the other food bloggers and partners who came along.

I recommend Eureka Chinese Restaurant for great Chinese food that is very reasonably priced.

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