Fresh, Flavoursome Food @ Mr Munchies Sushi, Mount Lawley, W.A.

You’ve probably heard me proclaim my love for Japanese food previously – I could easily live on it alone. When I was in Europe last month, we met an older Aussie woman on a train from Florence to Rome who asked the wise question of where we wanted to travel to next. She had just started her first overseas trip and already found herself with the travel bug. Without even thinking, the first place I thought of was Japan. My main thought of reasoning was that if Japanese food is my favourite cuisine, why wouldn’t I want experience it in its own surroundings? I’m now planning a whirlwind trip to Japan next year…

Perth has a large number of Japanese eateries – Urbanspoon tells me that there are 197 Japanese restaurants listed on their website. That’s a substantial amount for Perth. In saying that though, it isn’t often that I am impressed by the freshness of ingredients nor the flavour of the food within these eateries (with Kanta and Ha Lu being the exceptions). Luckily, I think Mr Munchies Sushi is one more that I can now add to my list of favourite Japanese eateries in Perth.

Last week, I had dinner at Mr Munchies Sushi with my friend Tash. Mr Munchies Sushi is located at the rear of the alley that also houses Gelare and Grill’d in Mount Lawley. It’s a tiny restaurant and even though we arrived relatively early at 6.30pm on a Tuesday evening, we had a 20 minute wait for a table.

Once we were seated, we looked over the menu and noticed that the sushi rolls at Mr Munchies Sushi are quite unique, with the menu featuring a Cheesy Potato Roll (made with potato salad and cheese), a Philadelphia Roll (made with smoked salmon and cream cheese) and a Surf & Turf Roll (featuring grilled steak and steamed prawn). I love the creativity of these rolls as well as the option to “make your own”.

Tash and I decided to share two dishes – Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll ($9.50 for 4 pieces or $16.50 for 8) and a Chicken Karaage Bento Box ($14.50). Tash also ordered Green Tea ($2.50 which is refillable) and I ordered a Miso Soup ($2.50).

The Chicken Karaage bento box arrived first and came in a cute little pink bento box with the first box featuring rice and a bit of salad, with the second holding a very generous serving of chicken karaage pieces and two spring rolls. The chicken karaage tasted amazing – the batter was light and perfectly seasoned however it was a little cold when it arrived at the table. Regardless, we really enjoyed this dish and I can’t wait to return to order another!

Bento Box - MMS2 Bento Box - MMS

The Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll arrived shortly after and was mouth-watering sushi! The marinated tuna was really fresh and the slightly spicy flavour to it wasn’t overpowering but added lots of flavour. The big pieces of avocado, brightly coloured tobikko and chilli mayo were excellent elements to this sushi roll as well.

spicy tuna roll

Apart from the fresh, flavoursome food, another appealing aspect is Mr Munchies Sushi’s stance on only using free range meat products, including Amelia Park Beef and Lamb, Mt Barker Free Range Chicken and Plantagenet Pork. Mr Munchies Sushi also allows you to make your own sushi roll – a lovely aspect for those picky eaters or those with special dietary requirements.

Tash and I highly recommend a visit to Mr Munchies Sushi and can’t wait to return in the near future.

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