Funky Decor @ The Lounge Room, Guildford, W.A.

A and I recently caught up with David and Chris (who are also mentioned in my Standing Room Only, Little Willy’s and El Publico posts) at The Lounge Room in Guildford. I’ve been meaning to try it for a while now, as David and Chris are both regular patrons. We met on a Sunday morning and were lucky enough to find a table inside, as The Lounge Room supposedly gets quite busy on weekends. Both A and I began searching for a menu on the other tables, but were told that the menu is only available on a chalkboard on the side of the restaurant near the till area.

We all ordered a coffee ($4) to start with, while looking over the menu and chatting. The coffee came out fairly swiftly and was strong, creamy and moreish. It was definitely a winner for all four of us (and consequently we all had a second)!

David ordered the healthy TLR Granola ($10.50) dish, which came with Homemade Granola, vanilla bean yoghurt and poached seasonal fruit. David said that he really enjoyed this dish and had no faults with it. It looked very appetising!

Chris ordered the Breakfast Tart ($8.50) and I have to admit that I had serious food envy when I saw it arrive. The bacon, egg, spinach and cheese tart came with tomato relish and a side salad. It looked really good and Chris said that he really enjoyed it.

A ordered her trusty Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($10) and mentioned that they tasted like they were made without cream (a plus in her book as they are a little healthier). Her one fault was the bread – it was quite tough to chew.

I ordered the Brekkie Panini ($8.50) which came with scrambled egg, bacon, sausage and onion jam. When A was at the counter, she asked if it could be made without the sausage but it arrived with it. I removed the sausage easily and noticed that there was only a small bit of sauce on the bread. This was a bonus in my books as I was able to add my own choice from their huge selection available on the side, which included HP sauce, mustard, BBQ, Tomato and a few other saucy options.  The brekkie panini was very tasty but like A, I found the bread a little tough to chew.

All in all, we really liked The Lounge Room. My highlight was the coffee, as well as the funky decor. The service was really friendly and we were there for the whole morning but never felt that we needed to move on. The design of The Lounge Room is really funky, with bright colours, painted walls and a few couches at the back.

The Lounge Room only serve breakfast until 11.30am, but have an excellent lunch menu and small bar license so you can enjoy a beer with your lunch.


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    I ended up in The Lounge Room a couple of days ago for lunch with a friend. Without realising I had already read this post, I really enjoyed my lunch of the lamb kofta burger. The lamb kofta was served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tzatziki and an enourmous slice of beetroot with homemade potato wedges and a huge side of salad. It was an enourmous and very satisfying lunch :)


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