Healthy Mexican Fare @ Guzman Y Gomez, Northbridge, W.A.

When numerous people recommend a visit to a new venue in Perth, you know that there’s something special about it. I’ve been asked numerous times in the last few weeks if I’ve tried Guzman Y Gomez in Northbridge, so I decided to see what everyone’s talking about.

Guzman Y Gomez calls itself a “Mexican Taqueria” (google search tells me that ‘taqueria’ means street vendor/taco shop) and prides itself on being a healthy option. When A went to the counter to grab some menus for us to look at, she also snagged a copy of their nutritional guide which tells you specifically how much calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates and sodium is within each meal option. It was nice to evaluate what to order based on how naughty we wanted to be!

While we waited for our friend Lisa to arrive, I took the opportunity to look over the menu and saw that there’s two steps for choosing your meal – pick a style and then choose your filling. There are many styles available including burritos, soft or hard tacos, quesadillas and nachos. The fillings range from chicken, beef, fish and veggie options. A was quick to find the condiment station, consisting of three different Tabasco sauces for your choosing, spanish onion, jalapenos and coriander salsa.

Tabasco station

A grabbed a heap of each and it was nice to have the option of adding jalapenos for extra spice and coriander for some fresh flavour to our meals.


I found myself in a dilemma – the nachos at the table next to us looked amazing, but I thought I should go with a healthy option. I decided to order the Steak Chipotle (spicy) burrito bowl ($11.90). Typically the burritos comes with rice, cheddar cheese, vegetarian black beans, salsa and filling, rolled in a soft tortilla or served in a bowl (a gluten free option). I decided to add brown rice (+$1) and guacamole (+$2) to my order. It didn’t take long to arrive and when it did, it looked very appetising. There was a generous serving of guacamole on top and once I moved below it, I found a generous serving of meat too. I loved the mixture of flavour through the black beans and tomato salsa with the rest of the ingredients but unfortunately my brown rice was undercooked and each grain was really tough. I was really disappointed and left a quarter of my meal but even so, I still felt quite content.

Steak Chipotle (spicy) burrito bowl

A ordered very similar to me, but choose the mild Chicken Guerro filling and asked for no cheese on her burrito bowl. I was very jealous, as her brown rice was perfectly cooked. A said that she really enjoyed her meal.

Chicken Guerro Burrito bowl

Lisa ordered the hard shell tacos with vegetarian filling (two for $8.50 or three for $10.90). The tacos come with cheddar cheese, vegetarian black beans, salsa and your choice of filling within a soft corn tortilla or hard shell. The vegetarian filling consisted of sautéed capsicums, onions and mushrooms with guacamole and Pico de Gallo salsa. Lisa said that she couldn’t fault her tacos and that she especially liked the guacamole.

hard-shell tacos with vegetarian filling

Overall, I would definitely return regardless of my uncooked rice. The generous servings and excellent flavours within the dishes was a winner for the three of us. Guzman Y Gomez also offer a variety of options for kids and gluten free diners.

Highly recommended.

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