Hungry for More @ Il Cibo, Fremantle, W.A.

It’s simple – I love Il Cibo. I’ve been here a few times now and I haven’t been disappointed by the food or coffee yet. Actually, the coffee could warrant a whole blog for itself, as it is always really, really good. Il Cibo uses Fiori coffee but also seem to take joy in supplying you with a quality caffeine hit. If you are looking for a great coffee joint in Freo, go to Il Cibo.

But then, there’s also the food.

“Il Cibo” means “the food” in Italian and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ve been here a few times for breakfast and now lunch, and the basic gist of it is – quality, homemade, simple, and hearty food. They make homemade muffins and have a huge display of homemade lunch bites, including quiches, frittatas, salads, and panini’s. On this particular day we went for lunch and I found it very difficult to make a decision of what to order, as it all looks so appetising.


I ended up ordering the Mexican burger, as it sounded interesting with the addition of beans to a burger. The wait was quick and once it arrived at my table, I was happy with my decision. On the side was a helping of handcut, chunky chips, which wasn’t mentioned on the menu and the burger itself looked great. The meat pattie was quality and actually tasted of real minced meat. The bun was toasted to a perfect golden brown and wasn’t soggy or soaked with condiments – it was textbook of how a bun should be. The salad was a healthy looking bit of lettuce and tomato and the beans are also worthy of a mention. Il Cibo cook their beans in a tomato sauce that is not overly sweet or gloggy, but is light with chunks of real tomato. It is simple but that’s what makes it so nice – it screams quality. Simple put, the burger is really worth a try. My mouth is watering as I’m writing this and I’m smiling at the memory.

A ended up ordering the chickpea and coriander patties with sweet chilli sauce. With this she ordered a side of the ratatouille salad. She loved the patties and the salad was also good, however she wished she had the option of warming it.

I’ve been here for breakfast as well and it’s the same thing – quality ingredients that are conjured up into an amazing meal. I recommend the big breakfast, which comes in a huge pan with sausages, bacon, eggs, baked beans (which are similar to the ones mentioned above), mushrooms, toast and tomato. It really is a big breakfast and it is so tasty that you’ll probably finish all of it, like I did that one morning.

Really, truly – this is a great little café in Freo that deserves a whole lot of praise. There are a few downfalls such as the ordering at the counter and the weird little adventure to the loos, however there are so many positives that outweigh the negatives, such as the kid corner out the back so kids can roam free without bothering the majority of the patrons and the fact that Il Cibo is licensed. The service is good too.

Just go, now, and eat, as you’ll leave completely satisfied and hungry for more.

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