Inexpensive Indonesian Cuisine @ Monggo Restaurant, Mount Lawley, W.A.

For one of our date nights before we left for Europe, A and I headed to Monggo in Mt Lawley. On the night we went, we didn’t realise that Monggo is BYO only so unfortunately we arrived empty handed. However, Monggo does offer a variety of drinks, including Teh Kotak, an indonesian favourite, as well as Indonesian jasmine, green tea and chinese tea. A opted for the Jasmine tea, while I stuck with water.

The menu at Monggo features  a lot of dishes that are designed to share, so we decided to follow suit. Our first dish to arrive was the Seasalt and Pepper Squid ($8.90). The lightly battered crispy squid with sea salt and pepper were served on a bed of mesculin salad with soy-sesame dressing and drizzled with hoisin sauce. The batter on the squid was really light however the squid didn’t seem very fresh, with a watery liquid oozing out of the batter when it was bitten into.

Seasalt and Pepper Squid

The Jakarta Nasi Goreng ($13.90) arrived soon after and was one of our favourite dishes of the night. This rendition of Indonesia’s famous fried rice with egg, chicken, squid and prawns was made well, as the rice was fresh and there was a good amount of seafood throughout the dish.

Jakarta Nasi Goreng

The Beef Rendang Padang ($18.90) was unfortunately a bit of a let down. The rendang sauce was oily and thin, however the 6 hour slow cooked beef was very tender. The roti paratha was light and a lovely accompaniment to the dish. Typically, I would’ve used it to mop up the rendang but unfortunately the excessive amount of oil wasn’t an appealing aspect of this idea.

Beef Rendang Padang

Our favourite dish of the evening was the Lumpia Basah ($9.90), a classic healthy indonesian dish of fresh spring rolls with mushroom, sweet radish, spring onion, beansprout and lettuce. They were light and very flavoursome, thanks to the fresh flavours of the radish, spring onion and beansprouts. We highly recommend ordering this dish if you head to Monggo.

Lumpia Basah

With our selection, we were both feeling like we had a little room for dessert and the Serabi Bandung ($8.90) sounded very appealing. On the menu it states that this is bandung’s “favourite dessert” so we were excited to try these pandan-coconut fluffy pancakes served with srikaya sauce. The pancakes were quite dense and the srikaya sauce tasted like coconut milk. It was a great dessert which can easily be shared between two.

Serabi Bandung

“Monggo” means “Greetings” in the Javanese dialect and seems to reflect the restaurant perfectly, as the friendliness of the wait staff is a lovely aspect of this restaurant. An added bonus is that Monggo has a variety of dishes labelled on their menu as gluten free, and a number of their dishes can be made into vegetarian options. The main appealing aspect of Monggo is the inexpensive food that is paired with friendly service and overall, we enjoyed our dinner at Monggo and will return in future.


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  1. says

    Hmmm. We went and didn’t enjoy it at all. We has one of the multi course sharing plates and were rather disappointed. The served a (single) greasy packet spring roll as one of the courses. On top of exceptionally heavy dumplings, we decided that we wouldn’t go back. I really wanted it to be good, but they are taking some pretty tasteless shortcuts.

    • SOPH says

      I went to Monggo Resto last week. I had the Bebek Betoto and my partner had the Beef Rending. It was magnificent. I really love it. the service was an A + too.

  2. ronald.simone says

    thank for the lead! we had dinner on last saturday! they were full so we decide to go back after 1 hour, and yes we did enjoy the lumpia that u suggested! the squid too luckily it was good… :) thank you for the lead once again!!

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