Italian-Influenced Espresso Bar @ Louis Baxters, Subiaco, W.A.

Since being with A, swimming has become a huge part of my life. Ironically, I can’t swim, probably due to being Middle Eastern and having a mother who is afraid of water. Even so, it is a common occurrence that on weekend mornings in summer, at some ungodly hour, you will find me on the beach watching A swim one of the many ocean-swim events.

So when it was announced that Ian Thorpe and Eamon Sullivan were both releasing cookbooks a little while ago, I thought they were “high-achieving athletes”. Since then, I’ve been following the release of these two cookbooks and have been reading a few reviews after their release. Sullivan’s cookbook has been getting good feedback and I decided that A and I were going to make a stop at his new café in Subiaco, Louis Baxters, where the menu has been created by Sullivan with recipes from his cookbook.

Eamon Sullivan and Laki Baker, a producer he met on the set of Celebrity Masterchef, have combined to bring Louis Baxters to fruition. Louis Baxters is also the first café to use Campos coffeebeans in Perth, which are very popular in the Eastern States, especially in my hometown, Sydney.

When we went there, A wasn’t in the mood for food. That is until my food came out and somehow I was left with only half of my meal. I don’t blame her though, as when the Toasted Sandwich with leg ham, tomato & gruyere cheese ($8) came out, I was in a state of drool. The presentation of a simple toasted sandwich was quite simplistic on the wooden board, but it looked very appetising and the flavour did not let me down.

Our coffee was made really well and it was interesting to taste a very distinct flavour of the coffee in comparison to my usual (and favourite), Fiori coffee beans. The flavour is quite rich and a little bit nutty. I definitely enjoyed my coffee here but still rate the local, Fiori!

I have to say though, it’s great to have Louis Baxters as a new café in Perth. I loved the fact that when I looked at the menu I wasn’t searching for something “worth” the price I was going to pay. I found the prices quite adequate and this is something we need in Perth. Although, in saying that, I did think that $4.50 for a little muffin was a bit steep.  Yes, they are house-made, but no muffin costs anything close to being made for $2.00 each. It ends up being a high mark-up.

The décor at Louis Baxters has a lovely urban feel to it. The café is all about smooth lines and simple fixtures – which is the way that I like it. It’s nice not to have clutter for the sake of a café looking busy. There are vases of flowers and a dog bowl for your pooch, with little else drawing too much attention. The café is set in a similar style to an Italian espresso bar, with the long counter and display case taking precedent at the front and tall tables with stools offering a place to stand or sit with your coffee. I love the set out and find it a comfortable, yet contemporary café.

The service at the counter wasn’t very friendly for myself, however whilst sitting outside, taking it all in, the waitstaff seem to be friendly with those who are regulars. I am sure this is a nice touch to those who come regularly, but it is ok to smile at newbies too.

Overall, Louis Baxters has my vote. Primarily for what it is trying to do in Perth and for it’s décor. It’s lovely to have the option of having a single-origin coffee or a try of a coffee made through the Cold Drip. Also, the menu is basic but sometimes that’s all you want. It’s also worthy to note that Louis Baxters was featured on Today Tonight’s ‘Best in the West’ Series as Best Café, which shows how much Perth patrons are over the overpriced, crowded, and bland cafés which are everywhere.

Louis Baxters is a new and exciting Espresso Bar in the heart of Subiaco, dedicated to bringing great coffee, food and service that won’t hurt your pocket.” – The spiel on their Facebook page.

 I am looking forward to my next visit – especially for a try of their Red Velvet Cake!

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