Japanese Gem @ Is Donburi, Northbridge, W.A.

Ashlee and I usually head to our local Chocolateria San Churros when we catch up but this time, we decided to try somewhere new. I am currently infatuated with Japanese food – it’s healthy, filling, tastes great and is typically inexpensive so I couldn’t help but suggest an array of Japanese restaurants that I’ve yet to try. Ashlee was keen to return to Is Donburi, as she stated that she was very impressed with it the last time she was there.


Is Donburi is a new(ish), popular Japanese haunt located on William Street in Northbridge, near Roe Street. It’s tiny in size and we were lucky enough to find a table in the arcade. When we sat down, we were provided with complimentary cups of green tea. It had a lovely flavour to it and we both happily sipped away while we initially caught up and looked at our menus. Is Donburi has an extensive menu and it made my ordering process very hard – everything sounded appealing! On the one hand, I wanted something healthy but on the other, I wanted my favourite dish of Chicken Katsu Curry (which they offer and I will definitely returning to try it!). I settled with a serving of Takoyaki ($7.50) to share with Ashlee and the Grilled Salmon “value meal” ($16.50) served with rice, miso soup and salad. Ashlee ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Don ($12.80) which was served with salad on rice and included a bowl of miso soup.

The Takoyaki arrived first and it was one of the best versions I’ve found in Perth. The outside was crispy and I loved the inside – the octopus wasn’t overly tough and there was a perfect amount of sauce as typically the balls can be drowned in the mayo and Japanese BBQ sauce they are served with.


When my “value meal” came out, I was immediately drawn to the miso soup, which arrived cloudy and had lots of spring onions within it. Is Donburi does an excellent miso soup that I finished before I even started on my meal.

Miso Soup

I was also really impressed with my grilled salmon and rice dish. I thought the salmon was cooked nicely and it was a very generous serving. I was surprised at how much salmon I was provided and even though I tried, I couldn’t finish all of the pieces. The accompanying rice was really fluffy and I enjoyed the salad as well.

Grilled Salmon “value meal”

Ashlee’s Teriyaki Chicken don was also well received and she mentioned that she really enjoyed the slightly crispy chicken with the sweet and spicy flavouring of the seasoning. I was lucky enough to try a piece of chicken and I fell in love with it. There was an amazing mixture of flavour and it was definitely moreish. Ashlee also couldn’t finish her meal – the serving of chicken was very generous!

Teriyaki Chicken don

I can’t recommend a visit to Is Donburi enough. The food is the highlight – as the venue is basic and the service on the night we were there was non-existent (no follow ups for extra drinks and they didn’t remove our dirty plates from our table for over an hour). However, Is Donburi is a casual eatery that serves inexpensive, tasty Japanese food.

Highly recommended.

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