Lovely Beachside Café @ Yelo, Trigg, W.A.

A introduced me to Yelo a while back and I’ve been a fan ever since. Regular readers know that I love my coffee and only have one two-shot coffee a day (so I try to get the best and make it worthwhile). On this one occasion I had stopped elsewhere and bought a coffee before heading north to see the in-laws. The coffee I bought was undrinkable, due to it being extremely burnt. A was kind enough to recommend Yelo for a takeaway coffee and since then I’ve been regularly returning for their consistently good coffee.

A few weeks ago, A and I headed to Yelo to sit and have breakfast whilst overlooking the ocean. When we arrived the place was super busy and it was difficult to find a table inside. It’s always a good sign when a place is busy at 10am on a weekday.

There are many options for breakfast at Yelo. The good thing is that they are all healthy and fresh. Yelo has a variety of wraps, sandwiches, muffins, slices, snacks, fruit smoothies and juices. They aim to provide quality, organic food which is evident from their food display. I particularly enjoy this aspect of Yelo, as healthy eating is important to me and I find their options reasonably priced in regards to the quality provided.

A and I decided to share our breakfast choices, as neither of us could choose what we wanted to order. I ordered the bacon and egg wrap ($11) and A ordered the mushroom and egg wrap ($11). We also ordered two takeaway coffees ($4.20 each).

The wraps were both really good, however my particular favourite was the bacon, egg,  and spinach wrap. The staff at Yelo lightly toast it and it makes the exterior a little crunchy. It was seasoned naturally from the bacon and the egg was creamy. Each element tasted really fresh and it will go down as the yummiest breakfast wrap I’ve had in a while.

The mushroom, egg, and spinach in a spinach-flavoured wrap was also good, however I would’ve liked a bit more seasoning. The egg in both wraps was really light and fluffy, and the spinach was still fresh regardless of the toasting of the exterior. The mushrooms were lightly fried and the combination was lovely with the spinach-flavoured wrap.

The coffee at Yelo is exceptionally good. They use Fiori coffee beans and Bannister Downs Milk, which makes your coffee exceptionally creamy and strong – a perfect combination. They also have two coffee machines and a text-line for takeaway coffee orders, so your wait is never substantial.

As mentioned above, Yelo was packed to the rafters when we went so A and I decided we’d eat across the road, overlooking the ocean on a public park bench. I personally believe we had the best place in the house, as the view was very relaxing and pretty.

The View outside Yelo, Trigg

I love the feel of Yelo as it is like a little beach shack that has been converted into a relaxing cafe. There is a local community board inside as well as eco-friendly clothes and products for sale. Newspapers, fresh organic bread, gifts, cards and beach accessories are also available to purchase. It’s also a great place to take kids as they have a section at the back with kids toys so the parents can have a coffee and read one of the many magazines they have for your enjoyment.

I recommend Yelo for a healthy breakfast or lunch, with decent coffee and a casual environment.

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Yelo’s little sister, Yelo Kitchen, opened last year in Mount Hawthorn. You can also read about my visit here.


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