New Kid on the Block @ Morries Anytime, Margaret River, W.A. (Written by special guest writers, B & J)

J and I had not made the trip to Margaret River for a couple of years, so we were keen to see what had changed in the time we had been away.  Fires and flood devastated the area recently and there were a few shops along the main street that closed down, so when we drove through the main part of Margs we were feeling a little glum.  That was until we got to Morries.

Morries had only been open a couple of days when we had arrived and there was still the unpacking of new equipment and supplies happening in the background, and the hustle and bustle of tradesmen still working on various bits and pieces.  Morries stood out as a contemporary, relaxed place where you could come as the name says ‘anytime’, and enjoy something good.

As it was J and I initially came for coffee but were tempted by the great service into booking for dinner.  We were glad we did.

J’s drink of choice was the Hay Shed Hill Cabernet Sauvignon ($10/Gls) and since tonight J was driving, I decided to go all out with a cocktail called Santa Maria ($18) that came with the warning ‘Not for the faint hearted’.  Santa Maria is composed of the following; rich dark chocolate liqueur stirred with 1800 anejo Tequila & the nutty herredura reposado with a splash of campari.  It is an exotic unique and brilliant combination though one was enough for me thought I would highly recommend it if you are fortunate enough to not be driving after.

The Hay Shed Hill was a satisfactory Cabernet Sauvignon though for me it was not robust enough in flavour and the tannins were slightly intense, I personally enjoy my Cab Sav’s to be strong and smooth with a slight tannic tail that’s never overpowering.

J went for the Thai poached chicken, green curry, coconut rice, Asian greens, fried shallots, garlic chips, and coriander ($31).  The chicken was cooked in a Sous Vide and done to perfection, flavours were abundant and fragrant and the only critique I had from J was there was not enough of the green curry sauce to go through the rice.

I was feeling adventurous and since I could not remember the last time I had enjoyed rabbit, I went for the prosciutto wrapped rabbit leg with Dijon mash, baby carrots and vermouth cream ($33).  The rabbit was stunning, and suited the cold winter night perfectly.  The Dijon mash was smooth and velvety with that gorgeous mustard aura permeating with every mouthful complementing the slight gamey taste of the rabbit.  I couldn’t fault this dish at all.

We decided to share the dessert tonight as we had some leftover cheese and wine back at the beach-house, so after much deliberation the final decision lay with the scrumptious sounding apple and rhubarb crumble with cinnamon anglaise and brown bread ice-cream ($12).  We didn’t fall in love with the apple and rhubarb crumble, it was just too tart for us and the crumble was not what I would describe as crumble.  This particular crumble was simply a sprinkling of toasted oats, unlike the beautiful thick and crumbly topping I am fond of.  However, the brown bread ice-cream (which was made in-house) was out-of-this-world, so much so that I tried to request a tub to take back to Perth with me.  So overall I was satisfied with my dessert.

Morries Anytime in Margaret River is great, I would recommend to anyone that is in the area to go in and try it.  We received fantastic friendly service from everyone there and the food was spot on for the price.

B & J

PFJ would just like to say a big thank you to special guest bloggers, B & J. Beautiful photos and I can’t wait to check Morries’ out next time I’m in Margaret River!
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