Perth Food Bloggers Lunch @ Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Mount Lawley, W.A.

Another Perth food blogger, Foodie Cravings, recently opened the new Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar in Mount Lawley with her husband, Burger Boy. To commemorate their first month of opening, they hosted a lunch at their new establishment and invited other Perth food bloggers to attend. A and I headed along and were both keen to try out the newest pizza bar in Perth.

When we arrived, we were all given name tags to tell the other food bloggers who we were and what we wrote. We were also offered drinks, including sparkling and white wine. A and I grabbed a bottle of water each. We quickly found a few of the other food bloggers we know (The Food Pornographer and her girlfriend Jac, Perth Munchkin, and Miss Egg and Miss L from Perth Food Engineers) and started chatting away inside Crust Pizza Bar. In between talking and meeting new people, I was also looking at the lovely display of fresh ingredients and a huge pile of pizza dough which was just about to get rolled out into bases.

Pizza Dough

Pizza Toppings







I am currently on a wheat free diet of sorts, so I’m finding it interesting looking at the gluten free (GF) options in restaurants and cafés. I emailed Foodie Cravings a few days before the lunch to ask about GF options. I was told that there would be GF pizzas and food available and was pleasantly surprised by how well Crust Pizza Bar in Mount Lawley catered for the GF. The GF pizza bases are still really tasty and you can not tell the difference according to A, who was my little experimenter on the day. She tried both GF and wheat pizza bases and couldn’t tell the difference.

Our first food offering were the Prosciutto and Rocket wraps, which were lovely and light. Shortly after, we were also offered Herb and Garlic Squares as well as Olive and Feta Squares. I tried both (on the GF base) and particularly enjoyed the Herb and Garlic Squares, which were buttery and lightly golden on top. It was a lovely start to our three course lunch.

L-R Garlic Cheese & Olive and Feta Squares

Proscuitto & Rocket Wraps








On the day there was a huge range of pizzas and Foodie Cravings and Burger Boy were nice enough to accommodate the two GF bloggers in attendance (myself and Bryton Taylor). Crust Burger Bar has over 30 pizzas on offer, from the traditional Hawaiian pizza to the folded calzones and at the lunch I was lucky enough to try the Hawaiian, Mediterranean Lamb, Peri-Peri Chicken, Garlic Prawn, Vegetarian Supreme, and the Szechuan Chili Prawn pizzas.

Peri-Peri Chicken Pizza

L-R Ham & Pineapple & Garlic Prawn Pi







There were also two ‘upper crust’ pizzas on offer, the Peking Duck and the Five Spice Pork Belly. I was naughty and just ate the topping of the Peking Duck pizza as it was too tempting to resist, regardless of the wheat base. It was really good and worth my sneakiness! I was in serious envy of the other food bloggers who were happily enjoying the Pork Belly pizza and I remember a certain food blogger taunting me with their piece!

Five Spice Pork Belly Pizza

Peking Duck Pizza







My favourite pizza of the day was the Mediterranean Lamb, followed closely by the Peri-Peri Chicken. The Mediterreanean Lamb pizza is made with Slow Cooked Marinated Lamb, Tomatoes, Green Capsicum, Spanish Onions, Feta & Oregano on a Garlic infused base, garnished with Mint Yoghurt & Lemon. It was delicious and would be my first choice on my return to Crust Pizza Bar.

Mediterranean Lamb Pizza

The Peri-Peri Chicken pizza was jam packed with flavour. The toppings were Marinated Chicken Breast Fillets, Shallots, Roasted Capsicum, Caramelised Onions & Bocconcini on a Tomato base, topped with Peri-Peri sauce. Foodie Cravings told us that this pizza was one of the most popular on the menu and I can see why!

We were then served dessert, which mainly consisted of Rocky Road and Hokey Pokey Calzones. The Rocky Road calzone was filled with Mud Cake, Dark & White Chocolate, Marshmallows & Cherries. A tried this one on behalf of me (as the calzones aren’t gluten-free unfortunately) and said that she really liked it but it was very rich. The Hokey Pokey calzone was filled with Caramel Cake, Honeycomb, Dark Chocolate & Whole Hazelnuts but A had reached her limit and didn’t try this one. Both calzones were well received by the other bloggers though and looked really good.

Rocky Road calzone (exterior)

Rocky Road Calzone (interior)







I was happily tucking into the two gluten free desserts on offer – the Mango Sorbet and the Chocolate Mousse. When the trays of the little servings of sorbet and ice-cream were coming around I was extremely tempted to break my gluten-free diet when I saw the Cookies and Cream ice cream. It looked really good and was full of biscuity bits. The chocolate mousse and mango sorbet were both really nice however, with the mousse light and fluffy and the mango sorbet full of flavour but not too sweet.

Mango Sorbet, Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Mousse

A and I had a lovely time at the lunch. We got to catch up with a few friends and make a few more. I definitely recommend giving Crust Pizza Bar in Mount Lawley a try – the pizzas were all really good and the combinations of the pizzas on offer all sound really appealing. I love the fact that Crust have a range of healthy pizza options as well as fresh salads available to purchase. If you have dietary restrictions, it’s not an issue as Crust caters for those who have allergies to gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, shellfish and soy. There is also a handy brochure in store which lists the pizzas that are friendly for those who have allergies.

Thank you to Foodie Cravings and Burger Boy for the lovely lunch. I’ll definitely be heading back to Crust Pizza Bar in the near future for that amazing Mediterranean Lamb pizza!

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    Thanks for coming to our crust pizza party, was great to have you and A. I think I can guess which cheeky food blogger was taunting you with the pork belly pizza! And awesome to hear A couldn’t taste the difference between the gluten free pizzas with our other pizza bases :)


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