Perth’s First Sausage Shop @ Snags and Sons, Leederville, W.A.

Before heading out to Snags and Sons last week, I had a quick look at their website and was introduced to the concept of ‘Dude Food’ – a Melbourne term which describes food that can be eaten without cutlery. I am a huge lover of ‘dude food’ (and surprised to know that this term existed), including burgers from places such as Jus Burgers, which just so happens to be related to Snags and Sons (as they both have the same owner).

My friend Ashlee and I headed to Snags and Sons last week, as we were both keen to try Perth’s first sausage shop. Snags and Sons is not serving up the plain, cheap sausages that can be found at your local Bunnings BBQ, but rather the quality sausages that are locally produced and are a little bit more exciting in flavour and type, such as Free Range Linley Valley pork snags, Amelia Park Lamb and Beef snags, Mt Barker Free Range Chicken snag, Chittering Valley Venison Sang, Elmars Plantagenet Bratwurst snag, Organic Blackwood Valley Beef snags and a Vegetarian (and vegan) Margaret River tempeh option.

I’ve walked by a few times since Snags and Sons opened and it’s been consistently busy. On the night Ashlee and I went it was no different, however we were lucky enough to get a table straight away. There’s a great layout and colour scheme that makes you feel immediately cosy inside. The place is quite small but thoroughly organised to fit everything in (customers included!).

On the night, I ordered the Red Curry Chicken Sausage with tamarind chutney and Asian greens in a wrap ($9), as I was interested to try a curry-infused sausage. Ashlee ordered the Beef Boerewors (a South African sausage) with peach chutney, smoked Dutch cheese in a baguette ($8). To share, we ordered an Oven Baked Potato with Swiss cheese, candied bacon, sour cream and spring onion ($6) as well as a small plate of Grilled Chorizo with quince, lemon and rocket ($6).

It didn’t take too long for the food to arrive and it all looked very colourful and smelt great. I really liked my Red Curry Chicken sausage, which had a definite hint of red curry in it but wasn’t too overpowering or spicy. The chutney was only lightly applied (which is how I like it) and the Asian greens provided a bit of greenery to the snag. My only wish was that it came in a little baguette, as the wrap made my snag difficult to eat (as it was open at both ends).

Red Curry Chicken Sausage

Ashlee said that she really enjoyed her Beef Boerewors snag and especially liked the flavour of the South African sausage. I had serious food envy over her baguette which looked really fresh and crusty. You can always tell when the food is good when both of you eat in quiet!

Beef Boerewors

The baked potato was also really lovely. We both mentioned how tasty the candied bacon was. It was a little bit sweet but still had the salty flavour of the bacon – a perfect combination, especially next to the potato. The Swiss cheese was lightly melted and tasted really distinct in flavour.

baked potato

The chorizo was another great dish. It was lightly fried to make it a tiny bit crispy. There was a lot of flavour to the chorizo and the quince was a perfect accompaniment. We both really enjoyed it (plus the serving size is an absolute bargain for $6!)


There is something for everyone – whether you are gluten free, vegetarian or vegan, or if you are health conscious and prefer to eat a fresh, house=made salad. Snags and Sons is also BYO for just $2 per person.

Both Ashlee and I are keen to return for the ‘Gotta Av It’ breakfast option (served from 9am to 11am on weekends), which comes with a sausage or bacon snag, a cup of tea, a cold flannel, juice and a berocca!

All in all, a huge recommendation from CFJ!

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    Try a chai latte at 50ml next to the San Churros in Leedersville if you looking for some coffee/tea after lunch there .


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