Premium Woodfired Pizza @ Pizza Gusto, Braddon, ACT

To commemorate our first election night in Canberra, A and I headed to our friend M’s election/karaoke gathering, with the main attraction being takeaway pizza from Pizza Gusto in Braddon.

Pizza Gusto - outside

During our recent trip to Italy, I learnt that when it comes to pizza – simple is best. Pizza Gusto revolves around this principle, as each pizza consists of a few ingredients and the venue itself is similar to a pizzeria you’ll find in Napoli. If you want to dine in, you take your pizza box to one of the few tables inside or outside their tiny premise (with the majority of the space being taken up by a massive wood-fire oven), help yourself to some tap water (served in plastic cups) and use your paper napkins as plates. Simple, right?

Woodfire oven

After ordering and picking up our pizza, we headed back to M’s to sample the pizza that has Canberra’s population continually heading back to Pizza Gusto for.

Between the six of us, we ordered five pizzas, including two Margherita’s ($16). There is nothing better than a well-made Margherita pizza that showcases one of the best flavour combinations – tomato, cheese (mozzarella and bocconcini) and fresh basil. My first bite of pizza transported me back to Italy, as the base was perfectly thin and crisp like you’d find in Italy. So simple but so delicious!


General consensus around the table was that the Patate pizza (garlic oil, finely sliced potatoes, mozzarella, rosemary and sea salt) ($17) was one of the standouts. I loved the combination of the thinly sliced potatoes (that turned crisp and a little crunchy) and the sea salt, which was made even better by the generous amount of mozzarella on top. Cheesy, potatoey goodness!


My favourite of the night was the Melanzane pizza ($18), which features tomato, bocconcini cheese and eggplant. Initially I wasn’t too keen on the idea of eggplant on pizza but it was delicious. As M has ordered this before, we decided to go with her suggestion of asking for a light amount of eggplant on top. I think this was the perfect amount of eggplant as it wasn’t too overpowering and became a little crispy. Another simple pizza that delivered on great flavour!


Our fourth pizza choice was the Mare e Monte ($20), featuring tomato, bocconcini cheese, prawns (which are mainated in garlic, olive oil and parsley), and mushrooms. This was another great pizza but was overshadowed by our other pizza choices. Overall, a good flavour combination with the prawns as the highlight.

Mare e Monte

I loved how each of the pizzas were made with fresh ingredients and that they were crisp, light and were not oozing in greasiness. An added bonus is Pizza Gusto’s BYO for only $1 per glass. For those with dietary restrictions, there are gluten free bases and you can order your pizza without cheese.

I’m looking forward to my next Gusto Pizza!

Highly recommended.

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