Pretty Venue but Pricey Food @ Gordon Street Garage, West Perth, W.A.

My friend Lana (as mentioned in La Cholita and Nine Fine Food posts) recently returned from 8 months in Europe and we were both excited to catch up on our time apart. To do so, we needed a venue and after a short deliberation, we chose Gordon Street Garage.


When we arrived, we were lucky to get a table straight away and I was particularly thrilled to be seated in the small room at the front, at a table overlooking the street. The venue looks amazing at night, with candles and minimal lighting to provide ambience, plus specks of colour provided by the furnishings throughout the restaurant. Our secluded table in the corner at the front of the restaurant was the perfect spot for a catch up.

To start with, we ordered a bottle of the 2012 Margaret River Semignon Sauvignon ($35). Although it was one of the cheapest bottles of wine on the menu, it drank well.

The menu at Gordon Street Garage is split into salads, cheeses, pizzas, meat and fish dishes, and everything is shareable. We decided to follow suit and share the 4 Seasons pizza ($22), Fish Tagine ($35) and Frites ($9.50).

After a bit of a wait, our food arrived and my favourite for the night was the 4 Seasons pizza, featuring fennel sausage, artichoke, mushroom, capers and shaved red onion. I have a particular obsession with ordering dishes with artichokes, mainly due to the rarity of finding many dishes in Perth featuring them and my fear of trying to cook with them. The combination of ingredients on this pizza might sound unusual but the peculiar mix works and the end result is an explosion of flavours from the fennel sausage, artichoke and capers. There was a generous amount of toppings provided and we were pleasantly surprised with the size of the pizza.


Lana and I had differing opinions on the Fish Tagine with potato, tomato and olive – she enjoyed it whereas I didn’t. There was a very strong fishy taste to every element in the dish and it was slightly off-putting. Lana mentioned that I could have disliked the dish due to the difference in flavours from the pizza and tagine. I’m a little sceptical of this theory but can see that the enjoyment of this dish comes down to personal preference.


We both thought that the frites were perfect – soft with a slightly crunchy skin and were heavily salted. Delicious!


In the middle of Gordon Street Garage sits their ‘sweet table’ – a selection of cakes, tarts, meringues, cookies, petit fours and macarons for your choosing. Both Lana and I had a hankering for something sweet after dinner and decided to share the Chocolate and Sour Cherry Mousse ($10). We both really enjoyed this dessert, which delivered a strong chocolate hit but wasn’t overly sweet. It was a perfect end to our meal.

There’s been so much hype around the arrival of Gordon Street Garage (plus a fair amount of glowing and negative reviews) that I had mix expectations of a funky venue with overpriced food but excellent service – and that’s exactly what I experienced. Although I really enjoyed the atmosphere and service, the food is quite pricey for what’s offered and I’m not 100% sure I will be lured back for dinner.

Maybe breakfast will win me over!

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