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Ashlee and I organised to meet for lunch at Sayers Sister in Northbridge, mainly to swap stories of our European holidays. Ashlee had just returned from a trip to France and the UK and I had recently returned from Italy and Spain. Neither of us had been to Sayers Sister before, but we are both fans of the original Sayers in Leederville.

If you’ve been to Sayers in Leederville, then you’d know that it is nearly always busy. Getting a table can be a challenge on the weekend and Sayers Sister in Northbridge is no different, however there is a different system in place – wait at the door to be seated and if there is no availability you wait outside. This difference is definitely an improvement, as Sayers in Leederville has no such system and it runs on the premise of first in, best dressed but that can often mean that someone who is closest to a vacated table can snag it before you, even if you’ve been waiting longer. An aspect I find frustrating!

When I arrived at Sayers Sister, I was seated at a table outside. Even though it was a wintery Perth day, sitting outside in the sun wasn’t too cold. Inside, Sayers Sister has a large communal table in the middle that provides plenty of seating as well as smaller tables around the sides.

Seeing as though this was my first time dining at a Sayers establishment for lunch, I was happy to see that they still serve eggs after 11.30am. It’s a smaller breakfast menu but provides a few options – poached eggs with bacon or tomato, a coriander and cumin bean tagine or a corned beef hash with fried eggs. I love seeing all day breakfast items on lunch menu’s in Perth, as often I find myself at midday craving eggs and bacon instead of lunch.

When I went up to order at the counter, I was happy to see that Sayers Sister is now accepting payments by card. I remember reading when it first opened that Sayers Sister didn’t have any EFTPOS facilities and only provided an ATM at the back. Luckily, this has changed – Sayers Sister is now taking card payments but the ATM still remains in case you want to get some cash out.

While browsing the menu, I was instantly drawn to the Wagyu Beef Burger with pancetta, tomato, avocado in a ciabatta roll ($20.90). Ashlee ordered the Buttermilk Poached Chicken Breast Salad with poached pear and quinoa and yoghurt dressing ($23).

Our food didn’t take long to arrive and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my burger came with a waldorf salad on the side. The burger was made well, with the patty cooked medium well and the pancetta crispy. The tomato and avocado were fresh and added a great contrast of flavour to the meat. The waldorf salad was also well made and overall, this was a great burger.

Wagyu Beef Burger with pancetta, tomato, avocado in a ciabatta roll

Ashlee said that she really enjoyed the Buttermilk Poached Chicken Breast Salad and said that she particularly liked the interesting flavours. I was offered to try a little and it was definitely flavoursome. It’s a great dish to order if you are on a health kick!

Buttermilk Poached Chicken Breast Salad

Ashlee and I really enjoyed our lunch at Sayers Sister. Ashlee mentioned that she’ll definitely be returning in the near future and when I’m in Perth next, I’ll be taking A as she has yet to try Sayers Sister.

Highly recommended.

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