Relaxed Vibe & Attentive Service @ Azure, Mount Hawthorn, W.A.

I’ve been to breakfast here a few times now and I really like how relaxed Azure feels in the morning. There are big over-sized seats out the front with comfy cushions, which is a lovely spot to sit on a sunny morning. The service is always really good as well, allowing you to relax while they ask you if you want a second coffee without prompting, refill your water glasses when they are empty and take your dirty plates soon after you finish eating. You literally just have to sit there and enjoy the sunshine and company while coffee, water and food are brought to you effortless and within a short timeframe.

On this particular occasion, A and I planned to order a take away coffee only. While we were waiting for them to be made, we were casually looking through their menu and decided to stay for breakfast. I ordered the Azure Benedict ($14.50) and A ordered the Goat’s Cheese and Asparagus Omelette ($15.50).

When the food arrived, I was impressed with how good my Azure Benedict looked. A doesn’t normally order Eggs Benedict but I could see she was a little jealous. The Azure Benedict came with prosciutto, poached eggs, baby spinach, hollandaise and spicy tomato salsa on home-made English muffins and it looked delicious. I especially liked the fact that my Benedict came with prosciutto AND spinach, as normally you can only have one or the other on Eggs Benedict/Eggs Florentine. Each ingredient was really fresh and the prosciutto had an amazing flavour to it. The hollandaise was made perfectly and the Benedict wasn’t covered in the sauce. The muffins were one of my favourite aspects of this dish – they were very light and fluffy. I had asked for the spicy salsa on the side when I ordered as I wasn’t sure if it would go with the hollandaise however it was a really light, refreshing accompaniment to the dish. The spicy salsa consisted of chopped tomatoes, fennel seeds and red onion. All in all, I loved this dish.

A’s omelette was made with goat’s cheese, asparagus, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, chorizo and was served with char-grilled sour dough. A said that the asparagus was grilled beforehand and was a little burnt, adding an interesting flavour to the omelette which she didn’t particularly like. The other aspects of this dish were good though and she enjoyed the rest of the flavours.

Unfortunately, our coffees were very hot (similar temperature to boiling water) and the coffee tasted burnt. I have had coffee from Azure previously that were made well, so coffee has been inconsistent during my visits.

As mentioned before, the service at Azure is always very attentive and consistent. During my first visit, I was blown away with the effort provided by the staff. I also really like the venue – I find it relaxing during the day, both inside the restaurant and out. There is an earthy/beachy feel to the restaurant with the colours mainly consisting of beige and blue. A relaxing colour-scheme which does its job perfectly!

The prices are really reasonable and they offer a lot of options, including freshly made juices, pastries and lots of healthy options. They also have a bakery/patisserie on site and they feature Italian nights on Mondays and Tuesdays (which I am hoping to try soon!).

I will definitely return to Azure soon and recommend a try if you are in the area.

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