River Views @ Thai Orchid, South Perth, W.A.

It’s an unfortunate trait but I’m usually quite indecisive when it comes to dining out. My Bestie B is the same so trying to organise dinner between the two of us can sometimes take days. On this occasion, we both knew we wanted somewhere close to B’s house which served comfort (but also healthy) food. After a quick search on Urbanspoon, we decided to try Thai Orchid in South Perth, which was both close by and promised B and I a hearty meal.

Thai Orchid has a prime location – even though it’s not exactly on the riverfront, it still has a lovely view overlooking the river from a few tables due to their second storey location. We were seated in the middle of the restaurant on this occasion but we will definitely ask for a river view the next time we head to Thai Orchid, as there’s something special about dining with a view.

It took a bit of time for B and I to decide what to order (no surprises!) but we finally chose to share two dishes with a side of jasmine rice. We ordered the Pad Kapow (Basil Stirfry) with Chicken ($25) and Spice I Am ($32). We didn’t order any drinks, as we had bought along a bottle of Carpe Diem Sangiovese (one of our favourites!) after learning Thai Orchid allowed BYO.

The Pad Kapow was made with stir-fried basil leaves, chilli, onion, shallots, capsicum and beans with our choice of chicken (you can also choose beef, seafood or lamb). Both B and I thought this dish had a perfect amount of basil within it – not too much to be overpowering but also enough to make the dish flavoursome. Every ingredient tasted fresh and we both really enjoyed this dish.

Pad Kapow

In saying that, the Spice I Am was the favourite of the evening. The spicy stir-fried lamb with red curry paste, onion, capsicum, basil leaves, brachia and green pepper corn was a lovely dish. The green pepper corns may not be to everyone’s liking (and there were quite a few within the dish), so I would suggest opting for something else if you aren’t a fan of them. We both thought that this dish was a perfect cross between a curry and stirfry, which was a very appealing aspect to B and I.


Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the rice at Thai Orchid. It tasted great but for some reason we were not provided with our own bowl of rice at the table and instead had to try to wave down one of the wait staff to ask for rice and then wait for them to retrieve it within the middle of our meal. This was a hard task when the restaurant was full and the wait staff were busy racing around. It took us at least 5 minutes to hail someone down for a rice top up – a little bit frustrating when the other dishes were losing heat.

Apart from the rice, B and I had an excellent dinner at Thai Orchid. This restaurant seems very popular, as the restaurant was full and turning tables over quickly. The price was pretty reasonable, at $67 for two dishes, rice and BYO.

We’d definitely return but I’ll be asking for my own bowl of rice!


Thai Orchid South Perth on Urbanspoon

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